Wednesday, March 5, 2008


What do you write when you really have nothing to say? Maybe I'll just write what pops into my mind.

Work has been going well. It's not hard at all and I get off early and it does not go by the hours we work but instead on the number of houses we do. I like going in at quarter till 8 in the morning and getting home by 2:30 in the afternoon. I know one thing is is way easier than my last job and that was working at Hell-mart.....ooops I mean Wal-mart. I had to lift stuff that was ridiculously heavy and by the time I quit there my back hurt all the time, my hip hurt, I had a pinched nerve and sometimes my knee hurt. That what I get for lifting things that were supposed to be lifted by two people even when they expected me to do it. I've recovered from all that stuff and this job requires hardly no lifting. It's not hard at all.

Meditating. We do this in church and besides that It's been something I've been doing for myself for quite a few years now. Lately I've been listening to one particular relaxation cd that I might as well say is a meditation and when I listen to it, it takes me off to other places and other times. It's really peaceful and when I listen to it before I go to bed I feel very relaxed.

Mercedes was sick last night. We think she has bad allergies as she always seems congested. She constantly has a runny nose too. There is a lot of asthma in this family as well so I think she needs to get tested for that. She was crying for 3 hours last night ( I think I slept thru most of it) and Kayla said she thew up a couple of times. She seems all off track on her sleeping and napping schedule so now she don't want to sleep at night. Poor little thing. I hate it when kids are sick.

We had a family dinner on Sunday. My middle daughter came with her daughter and my oldest daughter came also. She (my oldest) looked really horrible. Skinny and scrawny and her face all sunken in....but that's what meth does to someone. Such a waste of a life. I can't imagine living that way. Very sad.

Church has been wonderful as usual. It's really odd how I find myself so at home in a church. I never thought it would happen. It's been nice getting to know some of the people there. I keep trying though to get up early and go to metaphysical bible study before services on Sundays but I just can't seem to do it. Maybe one of these days I'll get my butt out of bed and go in time.

One more the man in my life....I love you.

That's all folks.
Many blessings.


  1. I took a philosophy class in college one, and part of each class was spent meditating. The problem was, I kept falling asleep and snoring! Most embarrassing!

    Interesting last line in your post!

  2. Very nice post... as usual Barb