Monday, March 17, 2008

Life Goes On

Not much happening here on the homefront. I worked this morning and then came home and spent about 3 hours or so folding laundry and cleaning up the family room. It was trashed and looks so much better now.

Yesterday I went to church and as usual it was a very positive experience. I can't believe how much I love going to church. It's so much fun and the people are wonderful. Anyhow on the way home I drove the back way by the foothills of the mountains and it was extremely windy. I was driving over a small bridge and one of those dust devils (looks like a small tornado) things flew right over my car and carried about 20 tumbleweeds with it. There were some big tumbleweeds and it was so weird because some of them flew right over my windshield.

Today we are having the traditional corn beef and cabbage meal. Yummy. I'm also making an apple crisp tonight and I'm using the recipe on Emerils website. It's not so different than the recipe that I normally use but my recipes are all packed away so I'm going to try this one.

Oh yeah, several people asked if I wrote the poem in the last post I wrote and the answer is yes I did. Every once in awhile I get a bit creative and the words just come to me.

So.....this Irish girl says....Happy St. Patricks day to all of you and many blessings.

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  1. Hi..

    Nice post thats your traditional corn beaf and cabbage meal food..sounds cool enjoy your meal alone with out me..

    You too have a wonderful St. Patrics Day

    God Bless you..