Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Pictures

Kayla's New Pet "Mary Jane". Interesting name huh? I'm sure a few here will get it.
Mercedes and Mary Jane
Trying to escape
Cute hairstyle
Something to chew on
Mercedes and Uncle Alex
Here we go
What should I do with this rock?


  1. LOL Mercedes is so cute!!!! That pic of her on the skateboard is adorable! Sorry to say, but the rat made me shudder. Not that I'm terrified of them or anything, but I've never seen the point in having a rat as a pet when there are so many more lovable creatures like cats & dogs & bunnies to be had as pets. *grin*

    Hope you're havinga great week so far, Barb!

  2. Great pictures... and sunshine! Hard to beat!

  3. no words, she's so adorable! :D is she your grand daughter?;-P lol, you look so young to be a grandmom:D


  4. Mercedes is adorable! Cute pics!

  5. Barb, cool pictures...I love it WOW I like kayla's hairstyle (is she mercedes or Kayla) cool and her mary jane wonderful

    Thanks for sharing with us