Monday, April 7, 2008

Do You Believe?

Elijah is an elderly looking man with snowy white hair. Despite his appearance of being very old, he has a smooth unwrinkled face. His sparkling blue eyes can see deep into your soul. He has the most beautiful, peaceful face I've ever seen. The one thing about Elijah is that he emanates love. You can't feel sad or depressed in his presence. Elijah does not come here to judge. Elijah is a teacher, or what some may call a Master. Elijah is a healer.

I don't always understand what Elijah is trying to tell me. Yet he does not get frustrated. He has unlimited patience. Elijah is not of this earth. The veil between us keeps me from fully understanding what he's trying to teach me. At times I don't want to listen. Yet still, he continues to appear to me and send me messages.

I consider myself very lucky to have contact with this being of light who is filled with such love that most can only imagine what it's like. Elijah is not a ghost, he's a spirit from the Other Side. In reality, he's more alive than any of us here on this earth will ever be.

Too many people fear spirits. There is nothing to fear. They are just here to help us and look over us. Too many people fear death. Death is not the ending. Death is the beginning. It's the transition of our soul back home to where we finally remember why we were here in the first place and who we truly are.

If just one person reads this and understands what I'm trying to say then I guess I've done my job.
Peace and Blessings.


  1. HI. may you and your family come to know JESUS CHRIST to have a true relationship with seem to be mixing christianity with the occult.GOD says you can not have to master' say you shouldn't be fearful of spirits which is a lie of the devil,when GOD tells us in His word that you have good and bad spirits.Do you know JESUS CHRIST as yoursaviour.if not then how can you get to heaven, read JOHN chapter 3. IF you want to know more on what you are practising.GO TO and read.MAY GOD OPEN YOUR EYES MAY YOU KNOW HIS PEACE AND JOY. love from my family to yours.don't shoot the messenger.Just talk to God and he will answer you because there isn't any veil .JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS FOR YOU AND ME. Love St Poddy.

  2. Well I certainly thank you for reading my blog and for your opinion. However not everyone sees things in the same way. You have a right to believe what you choose and I respect that just as I have a right to believe what I choose. Remember....there is truth in all religions but no one religion has all the truth. Oh yeah by the way I don't believe in the DEVIL. That's a Christian created concept. The only sin I believe in is the separation from God. Peace to you.

  3. One more thing Alan, I see in your profile that you refer to yourself as a *saint*. Just a does one achieve *sainthood*?

  4. Hi girl, how have you been? you posted prior that you would be away for awhile, you hadn't visited my blog so I thought you were still gone! I am pleasantly suprised....beautiful blog. I hope all is well for you.

  5. There is so much that we don't know and understand. I am not here to judge anyone and can only do what feels right to me. I am happy for you that you are finding inner peace. That is what life is all about. Funny that people cringe when someone talks about spirits but they say that they talk with departed relatives. Isn't that the same thing? Belief is what is important. Religion is only rules.