Friday, April 25, 2008

Girly Stuff

I'm sitting here in the middle of dying my hair. I'm waiting the 30 minutes it takes for the color to set. I bought the dye at Walgreens this time and they didn't have the type I normally buy but it is the same brand. But still....who knows how the color will come out? One time I bought Clairol instead of L'Oreal and it was one of those two for one deals and that was a big mistake. My hair came out black and fake looking. It looked like one of those cheapo black witch Halloween wigs you buy. hahaha....I won't ever buy that type again. Luckily most of the color washed out after a few weeks since even permanent dye never stays in my hair long. That's not good when I'm trying to cover up the gray hairs. I wish there was something that lasted a couple of months.
Just awile ago I did my eyebrows that were beginning to get that overgrown look. I used to get them done at a nail place for $5 but I never found anyplace good like that one again. Next I'm going to use a scrub and a peel off mask for my face. Maybe I'll feel like a new woman. Nahh......probably not but it may help. I just feel like I have a case of the blahs.
I'll have to update in a bit as to how my color came out. Maybe I'll have to wear a paperbag for the next month or so. ;)
Update.....this time my hair came out a reddish brown color even though the color I bought was light golden brown. It's always a surprise!

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