Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Who else loves this guy? I find him to be hysterically funny in an adorable, nerdy type of way. I find more and more that I like to watch funny comedies instead of dramas that I used to watch in the past. After all..... like they say, laughter is the best medicine there is. Who can really be depressed after watching a comedy that makes you laugh your a$$ off? So if you're feeling down put on a movie that makes you laugh....possibly an Adam Sandler movie. He's the best! Who makes you laugh???? I'd love to hear who your favorite comedienne is.


  1. I have been watching Cris Farley/Adam Sandler segments on SNL reruns, Adam has a hard time not cracking up ove Chris's antics. It reminded me of the old Carol Burnett show with all her cast and the physical comedy! Those were hysterically funny shows!
    I ws happy to see you visit my blog again!

  2. i watched those same reruns. The one where Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley were trying out for the Chippendale dancers was a riot! And yeah I did notice that Adam Sandler could barely keep from laughing at Chris.

  3. I like about 95% of what Adam does. Occasionally he does skits that I don't see the humor in but that is rare. I am a big Mell Brooks Fan. He cracks me up.

  4. bruce bruce lol:D like adam as well, i agree with greg. he always reminds me of my trainer. i mean the way he talks :D

    thank you for droppin by my blog and for the comment. thats sweet of you. i think imade a comment here bout your grand daughter. see you around. hope you wont mind if ill place you in my blog roll;-) thanks!


  5. Sure Cathara, that's fine that you put me on your blog roll. I'll put you on mine too so I can read yours more often.