Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Morning

I have not abandoned writing in my blog. There are reasons that I can't say too much and I am writing posts but I just can't publish them yet. I will publish them all when the time is right.

Since I know my daughter Kayla reads my blog I'm going to write something to her. When Kayla was 8 years old, her brother Alexander was born. From day one, she has been like another Mother to him. To this day, he even sees her as another Mother even though at times they may fight like brother and sister. When it comes right down to it I believe she would protect him with her life if she had to. Kayla and I are believers in past lives and she told me she was his mother in another life and I truly believe this. That is where this strong connection stems from. Anyhow back to my daughter. Every weekend she also has to take care of her niece (age 10) and two nephews (age 11 and 6). Now she has her brother there to care for as well as her 2 year old daughter. That is a lot of responsibility for a 20 year old. I know that she feels unappreciated. I appreciate everything she does and just want to say it. I know she gets frustrated and overwhelmed with so little help. Her older sister, the one who is the Mother of the three kids was over there last week. The kids were there all week because it was spring break. My oldest daughter said to the kids.....What are you still doing here? And she said it in a mean way, not joking. How does she thinks that would make the kids feel? That their own Mother does not want them around? In my opinion that can scar a kid for life.
So....I'm very glad that Kayla is there for the kids and takes care of them. They seem to listen to her pretty well also. She has what she calls a *clean up* where she gives all the kids chores. Chores like cleaning bathrooms, washing off tables, picking up toys etc. The whole house is clean in no time.
Kayla is also a pretty darn good cook and comes up with some imaginative recipes. She likes to experiment with different recipes and make up her own. She will also let the kids help cook which I think takes a lot of patience.
So this is my daughter who seems to be the Mother to many at her young age.
Well that's my post for today. Peace to you all.


  1. It sounds like Kayla has it together. I hope she doesn't get burned out on kids though. :)Sorry I haven't visited for a while. Have a great one and happy Thursday. :)

  2. Kayla sounds like a great girl, and while it certainly sounds like she'll make a great mom to her own kids some day, I hope she takes the chance to enjoy a few years of being child-free (at least, of her own kids) before she gets into bearing her own. Kids are great, but a person should also have (and take) the chance to experience being their own person before they become somebody else's mom/dad. I hope Kayla recognizes that.

    Though, I'm sorry to hear that your older daughter was saying such hurtful things to her own children. I can only imagine how that must hurt you, as her mom, and as their grandmother, as well.

    I hope you're having a great week, Barb!