Monday, May 26, 2008

Interesting Couple of Days!

Last Thursday I went to Texas with Russell so he could drop off and pick up some freight for his work. The company he works for is family owned and they don't care if he takes passengers. I've gone many times before in SC but this trip was quite different. We got the stuff put in the truck and headed to OK city to fuel up the truck. Well at the gas station and the truck died and the battery was dead and it was probably the alternator. So he managed to push it (yeah you can push a semi) and get it started and we went back to the place where he works and got another truck. This took a total of 3 hours. So we headed off again. We got as far as Kileen Texas which is about 168 miles from our final destination of Houston. This was around 3 in the morning and his freight was supposed to be dropped off by 7 am. So we were stuck there all night and it was hot as h*** with no air conditioning! He finally got in touch his company at 8 in the morning. Since Russell knew it was the water pump this time, they said they would send out a mechanic and he would be there very soon. Well very soon turned out to be 6 pm. If you have ever been in Texas in the 90 degree heat of the summer....well it sucks with no air conditioning. Luckily we were at a truck stop so could go in and get drinks and we had food with us as well. Another trucker who worked for the same company and was in Texas came and got Russell's freight and brought it to Houston and left his freight for Russell to bring back. Well I was off work Friday and that's why I was able to go so it did not matter what time we got back. On Saturday I did not have to work until 2:30 pm. We finally got home at 11:45 pm on Friday night when we were supposed to get home on Friday afternoon.

These are some pictures I took with my cell phone while driving thru Texas. Notice the bug splattered wind shield.

Here is Russell checking out the problem.
Helping the mechanic
Pouring water in the radiator.

Just about done. Yeah, finally!


  1. OMG! Every blog I have read this morning has had some horrible thing happen overnight! You and your breakdowns, Catty hitting a girl dashing across the street, Mysti and her son's croup!

    What is going on?? I'm going back to bed and pulling the covers up over my head.

  2. Oh yeah! Tell Russell he has a nice butt!!

  3. I'll tell him you said that Lisa. haha ;)