Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Random Stuff

Men should not be allowed to go shopping. Last night I decided to go to the grocery store and get some drinks. I brought Russell along. He's worse than a kid and kept throwing stuff in the cart. If he was paying sure he can get what he wants. ;) Who does he think he is???hahaha what a brat.

After we got home from the store and we were in the kitchen putting the groceries away Russell said he heard a kitten. We went out back and yes, sure enough there was a kitten by the back door that was probably 2 or 3 weeks old and the poor thing was hungry and terrified. It kept trying to run into the house. Just as Russell was trying to call animal control, I heard a woman out back. She is evidentally a neighbor and she had a flashlight and said she heard the kitten crying. That's how loud it was. Anyhow she said she was a cat lover and had 4 cats already and asked if she could take it home. We were happy she took it!

On Memorial day we were both off work and I dragged Russell to see Narnia, Prince Caspian at the movies. Maybe this makes up for the shopping incident? I loved the movie but Russell said it was just *OK*. Not enough action. He thinks it's a kid's movie but I don't care and I love the first Narnia also.

We've had bad weather the past couple of nights. A couple of nights ago we had really bad winds. I heard something metal blowing up against the house but never did figure out what it was. I tried to go out and look but I could barely walk with the wind blowing. Then the next morning while driving to work I saw that there are tons of trees down all over the city. Tree branches littering the streets. Then last night we had a bad thunderstorm that was right overhead. The power went out for a little while also. We had to get up and shut the windows and when in bed Russell said... don't lay close to me in case you get hit by lightening. Well thanks honey....don't you want to go together??? I layed as close as I could get to him. ;)


  1. Ha, sounds like things have been interesting for you but good. I am glad things are working out for you. These storms sure are getting scarry.

  2. Awwww, I'm glad that the next-door-neighbour took the kitten. That poor little thing. I hope it survives!

    I know what you mean about taking men shopping. I took my hubby with me this last time (had to, I was so doped up I couldn't drive) and even HE realized why I don't take him shopping. He grabbed some Little Debbie stuff and I asked what it was for. "Breakfast" he said. He stood in front of the Icecream freezers for 5 minutes before I persuaded him to come back to them at the END of our grocery shopping trip, else it'd all melt. Then he saw his favorite chips and just had to have some...... About that time he saw me rolling my eyes and actually said "yeah, I see now why you do your shopping without Tay and I." And he proceeded to put the chips into the basket to take with us. *shaking head* And yes, we went back for the icecream before we checked out. MEN!

    I hope you planted your cold feet on Russel's legs, as well. *wink*