Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Happened to Innocence???

Yeah the above pic is a doll of course (I call them mini hooker dolls) because I did not want to put a picture of a real girl on here. This morning I read this:
It really surprises me the way some Mom's dress their daughters these days. What 6 year old needs to wear a belly shirt, short skirt, high heels and a black leather jacket and maybe a fake tattoo on her belly? Yes, I have seen this many times. What happened to dressing little girls like little girls? This all goes right along with those pageants that parents put their kids in where they dress them up to look like a 30 yr. old woman in drag. I ask myself what on earth goes through the minds of these mothers?
Then Moms wonder why when their daughters are teens they dress like hookers. They complain about the clothes they wear. But were did they get these clothes? Most likely the parents paid for them. No wonder so many public schools these days are going to stricter dress codes or even uniforms. I'm not against kids having their own identity at all. I realize every generation has their *fads* and way of dressing. But as parents what message are we sending to our kids by letting them dress this way? Dressing a little girl like a hooker in waiting is a pedophiles dream come true especially if you put those pictures on the internet.


  1. ok, I am a person that believes "live & let live", but I strongly agree.
    My daughter has a hard time buying clothes for my 2 grandaughters because they all look like "hooker hoochie mamma clothes".
    It's sad and the advertising and marketing in the media are partly to blame, the mothers that buy those clothes that support that style are the equally responsible!

  2. It sure is Indigo. I wish parents would wake up.In more ways than one.

  3. Maybe I'm old fashioned Rubeye but I just like to see little girls in cute little dresses with ruffles. That's probably not feasible in this day and age though unless you make their clothes.

  4. I'm old-fashioned too. It's just distressing seeing little girls dressed up like prostitutes and little boys done up to look like hoodlums.


    Side note: Thanks for visiting today.

  5. *snort* Oh.... Yeah, those dolls are freakish. Of course, my kiddo has a couple, but when she used to play with them I'd point out how unrealistic they were, the faces and bodies, and how inappropriate the outfits are for children, much less teenagers. And how the dolls were always shown in situations that are illegal for teenagers, much less the little girls these dolls are marketed towards. (Bar scenes, night clubs....)

    Yeah, while we've never really dressed our kiddo in the frilly dresses and more old-fashioned clothing, we've always encouraged a rough&tumble sensability to her clothing, jeans & t-shirts, sweat suits, turtlenecks or full-coverage tank-tops.... And I have been adamant in my refusal to allow her to buy clothing with words such as "sexy" and "baby" and "sweet" either across the chest or the @$$. As I point out to DH frequently, the whole purpose of putting words there is to entice folks to LOOK there, and NObody but NOBODY better be looking at my little girl's @$$. And I'm CERTAINLY not going to invite it by allowing her to wear even sweat-pants that say "sweet" across the backside. He'd been leaning toward letting her do so, until I pointed out that reasoning to him. Now he gets my point a bit better. *wink*

    It is sickening the way our children are being pushed into either BEING the sex object, or viewing others as sex objects from earlier and earlier ages. My sister's got a 6 year old who's favorite show is "The Next Top Model" and actually love strutting around & posing like those anorexic fashion-slaves. (Of course, my sister loves the show herself, so it's no wonder my niece idolizes these unrealistic examples of "perfection".)

    Yeah, I may have a little girl during this era, but that doesn't mean I have to let her behave in the manner in which little girls are being told is appropriate. I much prefer the fact that she's outside in jeans & t-shirts, athletically out-performing every boy in the neighbourhood. *grin* They'll hopefully keep in mind that she can kick their @$$es when they're 14 and 15 and starting to get hormone rushes in regards to girls. I've got no problems with those boys being permanently terrified of what my little girl could do to them. *wink*

  6. I agree with everything you said Kati, especially with how kids these days are being pushed into being sex objects. I don't like the clothing either with the comments on the butt! Why should attention be drawn that that area of the body on a little kid or even an adult?