Friday, June 27, 2008

Hi, How are you today and Have a good evening

That's what I had to say to the customers when I had to give the door greeter at Walmart a lunch break yesterday. Boy was it boring! It sounded soooo phony when I said that to the customers.....I don't know why. It's probably because I kinda felt forced to say it. This has got to be the most boring job there is anywhere and I don't know how anyone can do this day after day! Hopefully they won't ask me to do it again.

Today was really hot. When I drove by the bank a little while ago, the temperature thing they have there said 97 degrees. Well no wonder it felt so hot. I was off today and all I really did was shop. I went to Goodys and bought a couple of shirts on clearance and some new panties. ;) Too much info? Well you are reading this so I guess not. haha. Next I went to Homeland (small grocery store) and got some really good bargains. I hope Russell likes blueberry muffin flavored mini wheats cause I got him 4 boxes. At only $1 each I could not pass up that bargain. Mini wheats are the only cereal he will eat and now he's going to have to eat it for awhile. I got lots of other good bargains also.

Then I went to Walmart and got some new pillows, a water bottle to bring to the Y when I work out and a couple other things I needed. I just remembered I forgot to get headphones for my cell phone so I can use it as a mp3 player and put stuff on there to listen to while I work out. Well tomorrow is another day so maybe I'll do it then.

We went to the movies at the beginning of the week and we watched Happening. It was weird but pretty good and I liked it. Whenever we go to that movie theatre, there are very few people in there. I'm serious......very few. I think there were two other people besides me and Russell. Recently when we saw Indiana Jones there were a few more people but when we saw Narnia there were hardly any. I think that theatre stays open by selling snacks and drinks cause they cost and arm and a leg. It cost more for food than it does for admission. I just hope they stay open because they are real convenient and not crowded.


  1. Personally I think greetings like that sound as fake when you hear them from others as when you say them. But that's just me. Well, I suppose it gives someone else a job that puts food on the table... A boring job, but a job none the less.

  2. We had a young man with disabilities at our local Olive Garden. his job was to open the door for you and say, "Welcome to the Olive Garden." But his speech was so slow and labored, that you were practically being seated before he could spit it all out!

    But, we patiently walked slowly and thanked him. He was so proud of his job! Good for him!

  3. Besides, I don't think Walmart would hire me for the greeter's job. I'd probably end up saying snippy things like, "Welcome to Walmart. Now pull your pants up!" and "Oh my! Did you get dressed in the dark?! You look like you were put together by a blind committee!"

    I probably wouldn't last long!

  4. Indigo Incarnates

    that experience reminds me of my bad old retail days. Back when I was a Cingular Agent, they had a dreadful "secret shopper" program in which corporate would send fake customers as spies. There were certain scripts and keywords we had to use in order to pass the "secret shopper" test. Unfortunately, it made the whole customer-salesperson interaction sound so phoney that it actually HURT our sales (big shock there, when you get handed a set of rules written by some corporate flunkie who hasn't set foot in the trenches for 15 years or so.)