Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Need To Blog More

My van is fixed. As the matter of fact, it was fixed the same day that it started acting all crazy. Russell came home from work that day and took one look at it and said it's the alternator. We went to auto zone where they tested the battery and the alternator. He was right, that's what it was. So he took the alternator out right there in the parking lot. Then he went inside to get my *free* alternator. We paid for one alternator from there a few years back. They have a lifetime warranty. Since then, we'd had to replace it two more times. I don't know why they keep dying! I'm just glad that Russell is talented and smart enough to be able to fix it. I had some pictures I took in the parking lot but my cell phone died (that's where I had the pictures) and I had to order a new one. So anyhow my van should be good for at least a year before the alternator dies again. :) I felt bad for Russell because he was laying on the ground in the parking was hot as h*** out, the sweat was pouring off him and the dirt from the ground was all over him.

As I said my cell phone died. I've only had it two months. I was playing a game on it and all of a sudden it started doing this thing like it was trying to download something. It did that for about an hour and I even tried to take out the battery out and put it back in. So I decided to go to Altell which is just a few mins drive down the street. The guy looked at it and said he'd never seen a phone do that before. He ordered me a new phone since it's still under warranty and gave me a loaner phone. I do have to say they have very good customer service. I should get my new phone either today or tomorrow and they said to just bring it down there and they would set it up. Great company!

Russell had a birthday on July 15 and he turned the big 50!!!!! Half a century old. Older than dirt, that's what I told him even thought I'm not that far behind him. While he was working all night the night before his birthday, his sister went to his work and filled his truck up with black balloons and wrote all over it. She did the same to our front porch. Very funny!

I got the neatest book from Ebay called the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary. It gives the metaphysical meaning of lots of things in the Bible. It's from Unity Church. Great book. I also got some great meditation cd's from I have tried a few of them already. I can't make it through one of them without falling asleep though. Sometimes I feel like I was hypnotized and can only remember parts of it even during the times when I was awake. I guess I go really deep into it. They are very relaxing and I really like them.

Well that's all folks......
Have a wonderful day.


  1. Glad you got the van fixed. Hope you get your new phone soon. :)

    And... Belated happy birthday to Russel. :)

  2. Indigo Incarnates

    Say hi to Rusell and happy birthday too. My date of incarnation was yesterday (Indigo is 26 now; the body is 38.) I'm glad it was so simple to get your car fixed.

    The alternator story reminds me of the father-monster's luck with cars. The father-monster always bought Pontiacs and they were all junk. One had a defect that made the alternator blow up all the time; another blew fuses and would drain the battery for no reason; the third had a problem with the brakes (that being: sometimes the car wouldn't stop!!!) Egads! None of them lasted more than 70k miles.

    And.... wow... the Pontiac Grand AM had front wheel drive, 5MT, and 303 HP, so first gear was almost impossible to use since the car had so much power and there was like a millimeter difference between the clutch disengages and fully engaged, But if you liked to screech tires, this was the car!