Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Tonight I was cooking dinner (enchilidas again, but green chili this time) and I looked under the kitchen sink for a container. I don't put much of anything under there....no dishes or food. Well anyhow what do I see? I see mouse droppings on top of a container that I keep old cooking oil in. Yuck! How dare such a creature invade this house? Russell said he saw it last night in the kitchen and he didn't even tell me! He said it had a cane and a top hat and was dancing around.....jeeze he could have warned me huh? Well maybe this is what the little invader looks like?
Hopefully it is just one little vermin and not a whole family!

Maybe I need to get a cat to take care of the problem?
But with my luck maybe they will turn out to be best friends? Kinda like Tom and Jerry with their/ love hate relationship? Well since we can't have pets in this rental house (don't the mouse know that?) when Russell gets home he's going to set out some mouse traps. I hope he does not expect me to take care of the dead little critter/s if he does catch them! He better plan on doing it himself. ;)


  1. I hate mice! We used to get them in our old house. Thankfully I haven't seen any signs of any in this house. Good luck trapping the little thing and I hope he/she is the only one in the house.
    The last pic is so cute, btw.

  2. I like mice... I prefer them tame and in cages where you can pick them up when you want and know they aren't leaving droppings all over your cooking oil tubs though. ;)

  3. OMG@!!! WHATS THAT... i HATE Mice..I used to have lots of back home...Thank God I havn't seen it yet..

    hahah have fun

  4. I don't know... I think your problem is cuter than mine!!

    I've got something for you over at my blog!

  5. Hey Y'all, I think the problem is taken care of. I'm going to update on it. :)