Friday, August 29, 2008


Yaaayyy.....I'm off work today and Russell is off also. He's off tomorrow as well and I don't have to work till late tomorrow and I have a short day. I've got a lot to do around here cause the place is a mess! Laundry, cleaning and more.

Also today I'm going to start this program for hormonal imbalance through It's a really great program with a lot of support and you can call them anytime to talk to them and talk to a nurse as well.

No more mousies! The traps are still there just in case but I think the problem is taken care of. Yeah!

It's been really hot! When I got off work yesterday at 4 pm and drove by the sign at one of the banks that has the temperature it said 101 degrees. It has not been too bad in the house though as long as I don't cook anything that takes a long time. So I try to cook things that last a couple of meals or things that cook quickly. :)

Well that's about it for now. I need to get off here and start cleaning.

Peace to y'all.


  1. That's great that you both got a day off together... Hope you got everything caught up that you wanted to. :)

  2. halo incarnates

    saying hi. sad today. hello. have to go for now.

  3. It's always good to have some time off hon. Also happy that your muse problem is going away!