Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random Pictures

I was going through my pictures and came across these ones. This is a drive through liquor store downtown. I took this picture recently. I've never seen anything like this..... have you? Weird huh?

Golf anyone? After we had a lot of rain, this is a mushroom that grew and to me it looks like a golf ball on a golf tee. I've never seen anything like this before either.
Do you know any crazy guys who would mow the lawn in the complete dark after putting one of those lights (like the kind they wear in coal mines) on their head? Funny thing is he got the whole lawn cut (for the landlord & with his mower) and in the light of day, it looked really good. All he had to do in the morning was use the weed eater.

Here's a picture of that crazy guy dressed up like a cowboy in his younger years. I don't know why the picture is so small.


  1. Love the pics and I have a husband that has one of those lights on a headband! lol

  2. That there is some funny stuff!

  3. That really is one crazy drive in liquor store! I like the shot of that full moon in the corner of that one shot!

  4. That's not the moon Rubye! Whatever it is, it's just above where I have my van parked. It was not in the picture when I took it. Weird huh?

  5. Shirla, what does your husband use his for?

  6. Wierd!!!! I'd never heard of a drive-through liqour store! Kinda defeats the purpose of telling somebody "no drinking and driving" doesn't it?!?! *wink*

    That's trippy, the one pic of the guy with what looks like the moon in the background. Was it a dust particle, perhaps??? Sometimes they can appear quite large. I know I've also seen shows where folks say that these "orbs" that look something like that are evidence of spirits and ghosts. *shrug* Either way, weird!