Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quite An Adventure

Ok so Russell and I went on a little trip on Sunday and Monday. This was not for work, just for fun and we went to visit some relatives. Just before we got to our destination about a 5 mile stretch was occupied by lots of deer. They were everywhere....in the road, on the side of the road and a couple times they were right in front of the car. They were jumping over the fences that were supposed to keep them from going in the road. The babies were so cute and many of them were very young. We saw at least 100 deer and we were lucky that we didn't hit any. I've seen deer late at night in the roads but this was ridiculous.
On the way back we were planning on leaving at 5 but ended up leaving a couple hours late. We got hit by a big storm....no a huge storm. Lightening and tons of rain. At one point the road suddenly turned into a river. It was dark so we could not tell if there was a river that was overflowing but it looked like a river on the highway and there were even tree branches floating on the road. It was a flash flood and I thought we were going to get washed away. But since Russell is a really good driver he made it through it.
Then....there were the frogs. I was too tired to pay much attention but he said there were lots of frogs in the road. Yup, frogs on the highway coming out of the grass medians. They were hopping along like that old Frogger game . Anyone remember that? He said some were trying to cross the road and others were going in the same direction as we were. He ran over one of them and felt it under the wheel. Splattt!
We finally got home at 1 am to find that the front door to the house was open. I sat outside and guarded his car while he went inside to see if someone broke in. He came back out and said he checked all the rooms and everything was in place. The door was in a locked position but somehow it did not get closed all the way when we left. So for about 36 hours the front door was open while we were not at home. Crazy huh? We were lucky that someone did not just go inside and help themselves.


  1. Gosh!!!! A lot to be glad for, in your post: that nobody broke into your home while you were gone; that you didn't hit any deer; that y'all didn't get washed away by the flash flood.... Glad you're safe and you got to see the deer!

  2. Sounds like quite an adventure... And, you were very lucky you came back to find you still had the contents of your home!

  3. You two really do have an interesting life! Glad you made it home safe and that home was safe too!

  4. indigo incarnates

    I always liked Frogger. I'm hoping it becomes a cell phone game one of these days :)