Friday, August 22, 2008

When I'm Bored......

Things To Do When One Is Bored:

Make some yummy chicken enchilidas, I made these a few days ago

Clip bunches of coupons out of the free Sunday papers
Go shopping and save $31

Hmmmm......there just might be something to this couponing stuff so I'll save $42 this time. Actually I saved $42 a couple weeks ago and $31 today. I like to do my big shop only once a month but have been stocking up since I discovered coupons
Buy some ham and use $2 coupons making it only $1.16 for each 1 lb package and stick it in the freezer
Better yet use some of the $2 off bacon coupons for bacon on sale for $2.50 that was regularly $2.98 so only pay .50 for each package and it's Russell's favorite food....don't worry, he burns it all off ....oh yeah stick that all in the freezer too

But the best deals of all are free and I got all this for free and lots of other stuff as well. These were all $1 and I had $1 coupons

What does Russell do when he is bored? Why talk on the phone to his daughter Tanya of course!

Or play this myspace game on his laptop called Mobsters that he is addicted to! Shhh....don't tell anyone that I help get him money on it ok?

When there's nothing else going on he does what men do best......snoozes in the living room. I wonder what he will think when he sees this picture???

If there's nothing else to do....we can stare at this night bug that got into the house tonight....the ones that fly in every time we open the door at night. Disgusting huh?


  1. It's always nice knowing you saved a lot on shopping, isn't it? :)

  2. Good job on the good deals you got. I cant seem to do very well with coupons. Our paper hardly ever has any coupons for items I use. Your chicken enchiladas look really yummy. Can you share your recipe? I've never made them.

  3. Seems like you are very productive when you get bored! Umm...any enchiladas left??