Saturday, August 2, 2008

Working All Weekend!

They actually are letting us have some extra hours at work since it's a no tax weekend. Well....there are no taxes on clothes, shoes and diapers. So it's going to be busy crazy. Yesterday was really bad since it was the 1st of the month and that's when all the social security checks come out and the food stamps. It was like a madhouse! I worked yesterday from 8:30 in the morning till 5 pm. Today I'm working from 2:00 till 11:00 pm and tomorrow will be 1:30 to 10:30 pm. I took extra hours on both days.

The other day I had this little old lady come in. I saw her at the end of the line and this is what I saw. She had some fabric in her hands which she took out of the shopping cart. Then I watched her push the cart behind the end of the register aisle. She then got in line and paid for her fabric. I then saw her go into the ladies room with her bag. Then I saw her come out...and sneak around a couple of aisles and go back down the the end of my line (and she did look to see what I was doing) where she left her cart. Since she left the stuff and it looked like she was leaving...I took the stuff out of the cart. It was a pattern, thread and a gift card. I wonder why she was buying the fabric but leaving the sewing pattern???? Sounds kinda suspicious to me. She never did come back to get her stuff. Hmmmm.......

It is soooo hot here!!!!! It's hard to even cook anything. I got the bright idea the other day to cook a the 90 plus degree heat. We have a kitchen/living room that is one room divided by this partial wall. We have a room air conditioner in the window and it does a pretty good job of keeping the room cool enough. But if you decide to cook no matter how low you turn the air conditioner down....the temp. in the room goes up to about 85 or 86 degrees! I figured I'd save by cooking a big meal that we could eat for 3 days but I don't think I'll be doing that again since the heat was unbearable. I think I'll be using the crock pot more!! We are trying to save money so we don't use an air conditoner in our bedroom. Most of the time all we have to do is open the window and use a window fan. But now it's so hot that we sometimes have to sleep in the living room.

I've been clipping all the coupons that I can find out of the paper and one magazine that I buy. I got some really good ones lately. I got bacon for only .50 after the coupons and Russell loves bacon. The coupons were for $2 off and I had two. So I only spent $1 for two packages of Farmland Bacon which is the best bacon I've ever tasted around here. I've got lots of other similiar coupons that I'll be using soon. I've rarely used coupons in the past so this is a new thing for me.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I got a really good deal yesterday at Walmart. Mens t'shirts with pockets for only $1 each. Russell wears black ones and gets oil and mud all over them at work and already ruined the ones he bought last time. He paid $4.50 for each of them. I bought 7 of them...all that they had in his size. I could not pass this deal up.

Well that's it for now. I hope y'all have a good weekend.


  1. I was in Walmart last night and it was crazy in there! They had every line open and every line was a mile long. Just about every cart I saw was filled to the top with stuff.
    WTG on the t-shirt deals! I love finding deals like that.

  2. I am NOT going to Walmart this weekend!! I don't need anything that much!

    I suspect that as the economy continues to struggle, there will be a surge in losses at stores!

    How smart of you to clear out the extra things before she got back!! Guess she could hardly complain about it, huh?

  3. WE don't have "no tax day" here, though I have heard of it in other areas before...I wish we did!
    YOu know Barb, maybe that little old lady only had enough money to just buy some of her sewing project, maybe she bought her food or meds some where else....was ashamed to put them back. We just don't know. I always say a little prayer for people when things like that happen.
    It's been averaging 117 here lately...i run my swampcooler 24/7 and my fans....I cut back everything else and run the air!! I would if I werer you too! Your ham sounds yummy! Take Care!