Monday, September 8, 2008

Mommy, I See Spirits

It was bedtime and Kayla (age 5) had to perform her ritual. She grabbed all her stuffed animals and dolls and surrounded herself with them in her bed. They were her protectors. Then she buried herself underneath her covers so *they* couldn't get her. She trembled in the dark waiting for them to come. Some of them looked transparent and those are the ones who made it to the Other Side so it was harder for to show themselves. Others had a more solid form and it was easier to make them out.
She saw them everywhere, there was no escape. They passed by her as she was walking down the street or as she was playing outside. She saw them in her house all the time. She kept her secret until she was 12 years old.
After seeing a movie at the time about a little boy who could see ghosts, Kayla decided to bring it all out in the open. She told her Mom. For an instant......and just an instant...the thought went through her Mom's mind that her daughter was crazy. Her Mom new how hard it was for her daughter to tell her tell her something so out of the ordinary knowing that she may not take her seriously.
Looking back her Mom could see the signs that her daughter was special and gifted. Once it was brought into the open things seemed to escalate. Kayla would be sitting in her computer chair and someone would come up behind her and touch her hair or spin her chair a bit. She would see a little boy who would play hide and seek with her. She called him George. Mommy saw him once too. There was a little girl who's Uncle murdered her on the property where the house was....but a long time ago. There were the three children who stood in the front yard at night, children from another era in time. There was the very loud sound of the train going by the window at night. Never mind the fact that there was no train anywhere nearby. (Kayla's little brother later dug up huge railroad nails in the backyard when he was looking for dinosaur bones) Coincidence? (This is an imprint in time when you see into the past) There was the mean angry voice in the garage. There was the lady who scared Kayla when she was stepping out of the shower....the lady who was nude and looked like she had drowned. There was the beautiful lady who Kayla saw from across the house, the one who danced in her room.
Even going to the store, she could not be alone. She would see people walking down the road and she would realize they were not real. Many of these things terrorized Kayla. For three months at the age of 13, she slept on the floor of her parents room. Many a time, her Mom would be in another room and hear her screaming at the top of her lungs. She would tell her Mom what she saw. And her Mom always believed her. Nobody else did nor did they understand it.
This whole ordeal changed her Mom's life. Before this, Her Mom did not believe in much of anything. It made her realize....there is much more to this life than what we can see before much more. Thanks to Kayla, her Mom started a spiritual journey without and end.
She started reading and studying trying to figure out what was going on with her daughter. She realized that her daughter was not that unusual at all. She learned that kids are born psychic. Some kids lose it. When they are little and in their room at night and they tell their parents that they see something and they are scared.....their parents tell's just your IMAGINATION. That is just about the worst thing you can tell your child. You are telling them that what they are seeing right before their eyes is not there. Instead....ask them to describe what they are seeing. Ask questions! Show an interest. You may be very surprised at what you hear.

Interesting story? Well this is not just a story. This is what happened with my daughter Kayla and I in her early teen years. Yes, my daughter is psychic. They say it's hereditary. I have seen and heard some things but not to the degree that my daughter has.
Sometimes I think back to when I myself was a teen and I'd be visiting my grandparents. I remember my grandma always having books about ghosts.....when I look back on it now I think maybe she saw them herself. I wish I'd paid more attention back then and asked her questions.....but at that time of my life I would not have been ready to hear it.


  1. Too many people don't want to "see" or "hear"... It brings to mind a passage of one of the Harry Potter books (I think the first one). When someone - I believe it was Hagrid - told Harry that "Muggles only see what they want to see."

    I've seen some stuff. But not even close to the degree that your daughter has. And, like most people, when I told my parents I was told it was just my imagination. I was told I have an over active imagination and should get my "head out of the clouds." I think, personally, that with being told this I lost some of the gift.

    My eldest brother sees things too. My Mam tells him to "grow up!" But I talk to him about it.

    It's lucky I was as young as I was when I chose my path in this life or what little of the gift I still possess might have been lost too. Like it is with so many people.

  2. Indigo Incarnates

    That's such a neat story. I think children can sense things we cannot. I know that Willow can feel the life-presence of trees much more strongly than I can.