Sunday, October 26, 2008

Missing Kids
This past week at work, I saw two little children separated from the adults they were with. The sad thing was that the adults did not seem to care. In the first case I was going on my 15 minute break and heading towards the back of the store where the break room is. I saw a customer with a little boy (3 or 4 years old) who was crying and looking for his grandma. The customer handed the boy over to a Walmart associate. The little boy told her he did not know his grandma's name so this woman was taking him around looking for her. She eventually did find her at one of the registers checking out. Then I went on my break and when I got back up front, that cashier that checked out the Grandma told me that she had this to say to her Grandson. She told him.....I told you if you did not stay with me that I'd leave without you. It didn't even bother her that her grandson was missing. I'd be highly upset if I was this child's parent. I guess that the cashier also knew the woman and said she was a Preacher's wife. Nice lady huh?
Here's another one. I was going to take my break once again. I see this cute little curly haired blond girl around two years old. She had a baby doll and said to like my baby? I looked around to see if she was with anyone. I asked several people and nobody claimed her. One nearby woman tells me that her mother is a blond woman and she was busy chatting on a cell phone. Another woman customer happened to be nearby and she said she'd watch her while I go get a CSM. I go to customer service and tell them I found a missing child and then I go back to the child. Well none of them even come to where the child is so I once again go to where the CSM's were chatting and tell them again. This time one of the older very nice CSM's was there and she comes and picks the little girl up and calls around on her radio until she finds out where the child's mother is. There were a few times when my kids were little and they tried to disappear on me. I'd be frantic and hunting all over till I found them and those few seconds they were missing felt like an eternity. I remember once when Kayla was little and were were at Storyland in New Hampshire. She was two years old and she took off and hid behind a building. I just about had a heart attack! After that I made her wear this harness thing (for about a year) when we were out where there were a lot of people. A lot of people put them on their kids in those days because they didn't want them to come up missing. I have seen so many kids these days just wandering alone around stores (not just WM) and I wonder why the parents don't care???
Never Again!
I was bored the other night cause Russell was working late and I figured I'd go check out a chat room. I'd not been in one in years. I wanted to find one that was not a pick-up type room and would be nice and friendly. So I set up Yahoo messenger and looked under religion and found one called Paganism. What a joke!!I get in there and say Hi and pretty much the first thing I see is some woman saying....Hey, who wants to see me take my tank top off...just message me. She was going on and on about it. I could see something like this happening if I went into a room called SlutsRUs but a religious room? Another woman in the room kept saying...I'm alone now...message me. She had evidentally been talking in IM and her chat buddy had to go and I won't write here some of the stuff she was saying. I met Russell in a chat room and it was just light-hearted fun. But after this there will be no more chat rooms for me. I stick to message board type forums.
On A More Positive Note......I Am Rich!
There will be no more money problems for me! Yeah! I hit it rich big time. As you will see from this email I received.....I will soon be rolling in the dough. I'll share too...just send me an email in a couple of weeks as soon as I receive this moneyl. ;) Yipppeeeee! For Lisa in TN...I'll just send you chocolate....lots and lots of it.
I am Mr.suleman muhammed, auditing manager in Bank of
Africa Burkina Faso.
I want to disclose/release to you a business proposal of
(US$8.5M)in account of our late customer who died with his
family in air crash leaving nobody as his next of kin,40%
will be for you.
Iwant you to stand as next of kin
Mr.suleman muhammed


  1. I keep getting those e-mails. I sent an e-mail back saying I didnt have a bank account (I do) but would gladly take a money order. They haven't got back to me yet:)My daugter used to hide in the clothes rack and not answer when I would call her name. She thought it was funny. I didn't

  2. Oh WOW on the missing children. I would be frantic if any of my grandchildren got away from me in a store! When my cousin was little she was with my Mama and me at a department store. I was a teen at the time and she wondered to the other side of a clothing rack that we were looking at. I could see her but she couldn't see me. She started yelling for my Mama who's name is Mildred, only she couldn't say Mildred she was yelling "MERIT, MERIT, ohhhh MERIT"!!

  3. Indigo Incarnates

    Doug often complained about that at his job too. People would come into the library and just let their kids run around without any supervision. But then the mommy would get distressed and frustrated when she couldn't find her kids (even though she hadn't been paying attention to her kids for half an hour).

  4. I have felt those moments of blind panic! They should outlaw clothes racks! LOL.

    -had my mouth hanging open at the grandma!

    I used to chat a lot in yahoo but trolls shut it down-most of those chic profiles are hackers, btw... Try professors 1 chat-that was the last one worthwhile a couple months ago .

  5. I've gotten the waffle fries at Walmart and a local grocery store here. Ore Ida makes them.

  6. Makes me wonder about people who shouldn't have kids!!

    As for the clothes racks, I like to hide in them and then wait for someone to start rifling though it. The I yell, "Pick me! Pick me!" Then I wait for security to show me the door (as if I didn't know where it was!)

    Please send only the good chocolate. I mean, if you're going to be that rich, I don't want no junky chocolate!

  7. I get those dumb scam emails all the time, riddled with misspellings and horrid grammar!
    I see it more & more...people on cell phones ignoring thier kids, then they just run off...really ticks me off! People only care about themsleves is my theory. Chat rooms aren't like they used to be...jsut full of pervs and bots!

  8. You'd think that with the amount of people (adults and kids alike) going missing nowadays that people would keep better tabs on their kids. Mind you, most people only have them by accident in the first place anyway. But still...

    My Mam had a wrist strap for each of us that connected our wrists to hers. She made us wear them until we were about 6 or 7 years old.

  9. Why do people do that with their children? I know someone that is like that with her children, it drives me crazy!

    Congrats on your big win!!!