Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spider Bites and Computer Viruses

Sunday I woke up with what looked like a bug bite on my wrist. By that afternoon it looked like a big bruise with a white spot in the middle. I didn't think too much of it until Monday at work when I started feeling really sick. I started feeling nauseous and dizzy and had to go home at lunchtime. I ended up throwing up all the rest of that day and being sick into the night. I could barely get up of the sofa and it didn't help that Russell was working really late that night. Luckily I had the next two days off from work (Tuesday and Wednesday). Except for my stomach I felt better by Tuesday. I'm still pretty tired because I helped Russell do things that needed to be done over the last two days. He was off those days this week too. So now I'm just really tired and I have to leave for work in a few minutes.

I evidently downloaded some picture graphics for my blog that were bad. I couldn't even get into my pictures. Anytime I clicked on them it would give me an error. Russell is really good at fixing that stuff and he managed to take all my pictures off the computer and save them. There are still a few on there that he has not been able to get off yet but I'm sure he will figure it out. He's got to work on this computer for other reasons as well because some of the drivers are missing. His youngest son worked on it before he left here and he tried to reformat it and didn't save the drivers so that's another reason it's been messing up. I'm sure he'll get it fixed as soon as he has the time.
Well that's it for now since I have to get going. Y'all have a wonderful day.
Peace to you.


  1. Hope you can get some rest so you start feeling better.

    And hope the computer is fixed soon!

  2. Indigo Incarnates

    If you think you've had a spider bite, you need to see a doctor right away. Spider bites can turn necrotic so easily. I don't want you to lose an arm!