Thursday, October 23, 2008


Good Morning! Ok so it's almost 1 pm but it still feels like morning. I got up this morning and it was freezing! It was 58 degrees in the house. We don't really want to put the heat on yet so I got up and put the oven on and decided to bake something. While lazy butt was still in bed I made some Sensational Cinnamon Coffee cake with blueberries added in. I had blueberries left from when I made the pancakes so I put about a cup of them in it. I'll try to get a picture on here later.
We have not eaten any yet but I've made this before and it was yummy.
I've got to work today but not a lot of hours and tomorrow I'm off again. It would have been nice if I had two days off in a row but oh well, that's life.

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