Friday, November 14, 2008

Busy Days

Hey Y'all! I've been busy. Busy working, cleaning another apartment for the landlord and doing stuff around here. I cleaned out both my van and Russell's car and they look just like new. Forget his truck....I didn't clean that and it looks like a junk yard. And oh yeah busying taking care of my sick man. Russell came down with a cold at the beginning of the week and he very kindly passed it on to me. I"m not feeling too sick though and this is the first cold I've had in about 3 years. I'll have to thank Russell's brother in law as he's the one who got it first. :(

It might be nice that the gas prices have gone right down but it's not too good for Russell's job. He's barely been working lately so it's a good thing he gets a guaranteed 40 hours a week no matter how little he works. His job is driving a tanker to different oil well sites so you can see how the declining gas prices would affect that. When the prices are too low they will not pump the oil and maybe even cap off the wells.

I will probably be switching to the Bakery department at work. I already talked to the man who hires for that area and he said I could have the job and as long as they don't make an issue about it up front I should be able to switch. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this happens. It's better, more stable hours. No late hours either. I can be Barb the Baker. ;) How cool is that? hahaha.

I think I need a no solicitor sign for the front door. I had a surprise visitor the other day. This lady came by passing out religious pamphlets. I behaved myself very nicely if I do say so myself. She left and I looked at it and saw that It was a watchtower thing which is Jehovah. I don't care what religion anyone is, but I just don't like them knocking at the door trying to push their religion. Know what I mean? She said she'll be back in a few weeks to discuss the pamphlet and this time I'll make sure Russell answers the door. ;)

We are supposed to go to a dinner tomorrow at Russell's parents house and his sister and her husband will be there as well. I'm not sure if anyone else is going or not. I'm going to make chicken enchiladas to bring but I don't know if I should go or not. Russell's Dad had radiation therapy not that long ago and I don't want to catch my cold. Russell's still a little sick but he does not think he's contagious and says he's going. I need to go back to the store to pick up ingredients for the dish I'm making. I should have done it after work but I was tired after working all day and just wanted to come home and relax.

Well that's it for now. I'm going to lay down for a while and be lazy and just watch TV.
Have a good night.


  1. Hope you and Russel get rid of your colds soon.

    Good luck with getting them to move you to the bakery department. :)

    I know exactly what you mean... People can believe what they want, but they should also allow us to do the same. I usually tell them so. The last time though I had fun. It was right after my last op and I had a patch on my eye. The discussion went something like this:

    Me: hello?
    Guy: Er... hi (obviously unsure after seeing the blood covered patch)
    Me: Can I help you?
    Guy: Er... Can you see anything at all?
    Me: No
    Guy: Do you have someone who can read stuff to you?
    Me: Only if I'm interested in knowing what it says
    Guy: Er... Right... How interested are you in matters of religion?
    Me: Not in the least. If I'm going to have someone read something on religeon to me I'll pick it out myself.
    Guy: So.. Er... You don't want the leaflet?
    Me: No... But if you're that desperate to get rid of it... The dog likes shredding paper.
    Guy: No... That's OK. Er... Thanks for opening the door
    Me: Well, I had to... You might have been someone important
    Guy: Yeah... Er... Sorry for disturbing you... We don't like to bother people and force things on them. We're trying to educate people.

    At that I laughed, made sure Kero was inside and closed the door.

    *Shaking head* If they're not trying to force people in to reading their stuff, why are they knocking on doors? Other religeons are happy enough just selling stuff in specialist shops, etc. Why can't they be?

  2. Ooh! If you get to be Barb the Baker, can you bring home free samples??

  3. I have my fingers crossed for you and the bakery job.

    I hope you and Russell get over your colds real soon.

    I had a knocked at my door this week. I looked out of the window and there was a pick up truck in my driveway with a chest freezer in the back of it. I didn't go to the door. No way would I buy meat out of the back of some strangers pick up truck!

  4. I hope you get the bakery job, that seems like it would be alot of work. i was rhinking i would come by for cupcakes and then remembered, it would be to long of a drive:)) Yes, we do enjoy girlscouts, this is our third year, the first year doesnt really count, the leader was new and she was boring. the leader she has now and had last year, she has been a leader for over 20 years and we are very active. I am an assistant this year, I was last year too but this year it"s official:)))My daughter loves it. i like it when we go 7 miles from my house up the mountain to the lodge and cabins for camping. Avery is going on December 13th but I wont stay this time unless they need extra hands, hopefully it will be snowing:))) i hope you feel better soon, i cleaned my truck today too. Its a durango, do I call it a truck or a car? I dont know

  5. Good luck on the bakery job. A good friend of mine worked at the bakery at Publix when she was in high school and eventually started traveling to give classes on cake decorating at other Publix. She no longer does that, but it was nice to see that there are more opportunities.

    I can't stand when people come knocking on my door to share their religion. If I want to be schooled on a religion I will seek that schooling. Ugh!! I just don't answer the husband does though.

    Oh, one of the associate reverends at the Unity Church of Dallas has his own website. I found it the other day. Looks like they are still working on making it active, but his Ask Ed section has some great Q&A stuff you might like to read. Some asked about when Christian churches say "Jesus died to save us from our sins." What does this mean? and he gave a great answer from the Unity point of view. I thought you might be interested, here is the link

    Have a great weekend!!

  6. Indigo Incarnates

    I've always found the fastest way to get rid of a Mormon or a JW when they come banging on the door is to just say "I can't be in you're religion. I'm gay." And, lo' and behold, they agree with me and leave.

    I hope you get your transfer. Better hours is always a good thing. And how can anyone not like working in a bakery? :)

  7. I've had so many copies of that Watchtower handed to me, yeah.

    I remember how careful we had to be when my dad went through radiation...

    Good luck with the new prospect. I could use a new prospect myself.

  8. I will keep my fingers crossed for you Barb the Baker!
    You have been getting alot of things donw lately! I hope russell feels better.
    Did you Take that Color Test???

  9. Hey Barb this was a comment about Obama.I knew it would be just a matter of time before ignorant comments about him started to circulate,but hey the people who make those comments....thier not in the White House are they haha! Small minds have to justify themselves by making ignorant comments i guess.America has come along way yes in voting,interacial marriage etc... but still falls short in other areas such as not being able to look past skin color before looking at someones abilities for a job!I`m not a Democrat but i still lokk at Obama as a breath of freash air and see it as a major historical event not only for America but worldwide.Btw the girls are getting big,growing up fast.Even had a dream i was holding a newborn in a car seat last week hmm what does that mean????I think it was a boy too lol

  10. :) His students graduate from truck driving school and apply yo work for may trucking. My husband then takes a student to live on the truck with him while the student accumulates driving time, learning how to do log book and company policies things like that. I dint think its a reflection of Justins teaching ability I just think justin is cursed and curses his students:))

  11. Y'all thanks for the well wishes.

    Tori: Was that guy that came to your door even sane? Jeeze what was he thinking?

    Lisa: I'll ask about the free samples and have them shipped to you.

    Shirla: I wouldn't by meat from that guy either!

    Mrs. Ruiz: I'm glad you and your daughter are enjoying girlscouts so much. Sounds fun.

    Bobby: I hope you find whatever prospect you are looking for.

    Velvet Ginger: Thanks! And yeah I did take the test. Maybe I'll put it on my blog.

    Indigo: Now that sure is telling them!

    drgngirl: I already checked out that website you gave me the link for and it's very informative.

    Ty: Hey handsome stranger, long time no see. I think ya owe me a nice long email or at least an IM chat. Eh? I agree with your comment by the way.

  12. No way!!! I cleared that issue before he accepted the position. A female goes to a female for reasons like sexual harrasment. It would be a huge problem if they gave him a women.