Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Listening To The Voices Within

The thought came to my mind that I needed to light white candles....A large candle in the middle surrounded my 5 smaller candles. I have no idea why I'm supposed to do this and I was telling Russell about it and he said we have some white candles in storage so hopefully we can get them soon. However I had such an urge to do this so I found a green candle that Russell had made in the past and set it before me and lit the wick. Green is the color of healing in case you did not know.
I did what came to me naturally and called upon the Angels and the Goddess. I found that staring at the dancing, fluttering flame brought me to a meditative state almost like self hypnosis. I felt the familiar tingling on the top of the head and on the forehead as well. I felt connected with Spirit as we do any time that we pray. Meditation is just another form of prayer and can be healing as well. When I started I had a lot of pain in my shoulder and when I was done I barely felt any pain at all. The Angels are wonderful healers and all you have to do is ask....and believe...believe with all your heart. You may want to try this and you may be surprised at the results. Peace to you all.


  1. You have an awesome faith...I wish more people knew they could do this with faith instead of being negative and feeling sorry for themselves.

  2. I'm glad the pain is now almost gone. :)

  3. I have felt a lot of positive results from meditation lately. I need all the postives I can get too.

    I've been into these podcasts from Meditation Oasis: http://www.meditationoasis.com/podcast/

    They're great.

  4. What an awesome power to have! I listen to the voices in my head sometimes, but they are usually egging me into something naughty, so I just tell them to "shut it" these days.

    Need some new voices!! LOL

  5. I walked to pick Ave up from school yesterday, 12 minutes there and 12 minutes back, the only problem was i ate a choc. chip cookie on the way:)))