Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm almost ashamed to call myself a part of the human race. The prejudice that is so rampant now concerning President Elect Obama is just sickening. Although I have some doubts about him being the right person to do the job...I don't think anybody should disrespect him in the way they are. People are sending text messages (Russell gets them on his phone) with jokes such as this....The statue of Liberty is now going to be replaced with Aunt Jemima. I won't go into the other jokes because many are downright nasty and the people spreading them around are nothing but ignorant and clueless people. I've even heard some jokes about him at work and you know what ? All these jokes are racially motivated. The only thing I think that should matter is if the person can do the job...and not what color they are.

People say we have come so far from the days of slavery, bigotry and hatred. Well when people act the way they are now acting....I don't see that we've come that far at all. When we can't treat a fellow human being the same as ourselves simply because of their skin color then something is seriously wrong.
Vent over. Thank you for reading. Responses are welcome.
****Edited to Add****
Some of these people spreading this hatred around actually call themselves Christians. They are not following the teachings of Jesus which can be summed up in a two words. Love Everyone.


  1. Christian, Jewish or Muslim, the religons all have the same message stemming from the SAME, SHARED 10 Commandments.

    And they all have their own version of the "Golden Rule".

    So many people are small minded and selfish. It is hard to think that they too, are included in the "love one another", but they are.... the why of it, however, escapes me.

  2. Indigo Incarnates

    The racism and fearmongering regarding the Obama presidency is just shameful. The "Christians" out there pulled so many mean-spirited tricks that it would take a full book to list them all. The bigotry that was evident when Prop-8 passed (with full Christian support) fills me with such rage that I can hardly see straight.

    And here I thought we lived in a civilized nation. I guess I need to get out more.

  3. I am a christian and I am also upset and astounded by the racial things that people are saying...I did not vote for Obama but he will soon be my president and I will respect him and pray for him. We will all have to answer for our actions some day whether good or bad (karma). Yes let's be kind and loving and be team players!

  4. Im going to make those cookies, since they have oatmeal and oatmeal is healthy do you think I can eat as many as I want? :))That is how my mind reasons.

  5. I agree with you all comes down to someone feeling threatened by someone else. What's with all the ego?

  6. I am so with you Celtic Spirit. The school kids in Mississippi were actually told by their teachers if they said the name of the President Elect that they would face disciplinary actions. Of course this was racially motivated also. The president of the school board went on TV to say that those teachers have been disciplined and that this was a misunderstanding. NOT!!

    I love the south, but the bigotry is stifling at times.

  7. I agree totally. I don't like O for a lot of reasons but not because he is black. Someone at work asked me today if I wanted to hear an Obama joke and I just said no thanks. I think that threw him for a loop.

  8. thanks for the offer. I might just open up one day:)) I just returned from the vet, they waived the visit fee and i was able to afford some meds and a steroid shot, hope it all works