Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Check this out

We were at the gas station and this was how cheap gas was. Had to take a picture because we may never see this low price again.

After that, Russell had my cell phone and was just taking random pictures. He took this one out of the side window which was open. This strange object was not in the picture when he took it. He said he's seen something like this before on the paranormal website Coast to Coast. I'm going to send them the picture and see what they think. It's pretty strange huh? It's not a bird or a bug either cause I was driving really slow.


  1. Thats a trip. My husband listens to that show Coast to coast late nights on the radio. i have never heard it. thanks for the hugs. My life actually isn't that bad. We have our ups and downs and this visit was one of the downs so i vented. i was pretty mean too. not just to him but to all the kids. i was very overwhelmed, im just glad the move is over. I have been feeling spiritually sick and empty and struggling with some weight demons. its hard to let someone love you when you cant love yourself:)

  2. I bought no lead for 2.53 here yesterday-I have heard elsewhere it is below 2.00. Lucky thing, you!

    Looks a bit like a willow leaf in profile-are the leaves dropping there? With the tree behind it looks a little small for UFO-but who's to say for sure? ;)