Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Saturday

Yesterday morning when I went into work at 6 am the lines went half way to the back of the store. I had a hard time going to the back to clock in. But once I got up front and got on a register, people were polite and well mannered. I did not hear anyone complaining, even when some of the prices came up wrong. They waited while I checked out the prices and then fixed them. This store is open 24 hours so there was no long lines outside to worry about. I'm sure there were probably lines at the pallets of products people wanted to buy or the high cost things like tv's. I did hear that when 5 am came around the employees barely had a chance to take the plastic off the pallets when people would swoop in like vultures to get what they wanted. I think I missed the worst of it and after only about an hour the lines only had a couple of people in them and then tapered off even more after that. So from my point of view things went well but I don't know what went on in the rest of the store.

Leftovers! Do you have lots of food leftover??? Ok I wanted leftovers but I have a bit too much. I may have to freeze some of it. I'll probably make some turkey soup. Did you know that you're not supposed to leave your turkey for more than 3 days in the fridge? It's not safe to keep it any longer than that without freezing. I'm going to make sure my leftovers are gone or in the freezer by tomorrow. I'll probably make my turkey soup tomorrow.

I'm not working till later tonight and today is a short day for me. So for now, I'm doing laundry and picking up around here.


  1. I am happy that your work day wasn't so difficult on Black Friday. Yes, turkey soup sounds great...celery & onions make it so yummy!!!
    I have 4 days off, haven't had that since my week vacation last I am cleaning my house top to bottom since I was lazy with my grandaughter yesterday!
    Enjoy hon!

  2. I'm glad things didn't get too crazy at work.

  3. We had a lot of leftovers, but not much turkey was leftover and I didnt get one turkey sandwich. :(

  4. I got the shopping bug, but have to wait for more money:(((

  5. I am so, so sorry you are having to work retail this time of year. I remember it, but not fondly. The only thing I liked about retail was designing the displays. I worked at Penney's so it was a lot of fun, not just end caps.

    We still have leftovers too...of course that is partly because we were gone for a two dinner meals...