Friday, November 28, 2008

Just Another Day In The Retail World

Thank you Blogger, my last post disappeared in cyberspace.

I find it very sad that people can be so greedy that they would trample a Wal-mart worker in NY. If you have not heard, they broke down the doors and then hundreds of people just stepped right over the injured worker who then died. Then when police tried to close the store, the people refused to leave, saying that they'd been standing in line since the day before. Isn't it horrible that they would put material goods over the life of another human being? Well good for them in getting that big screen TV but killing someone in the process. I hope they can live with themselves.


  1. It's disgusting. Im sure none of the people involved are phased by what happened. A george foreman grill for only $27, do you get employee discount? Justin was in Oklahoma yesterday just passing through now he is in Amirillo? Texas ( probably didn't spell that right) I will do black friday again next year. People in Oregon are civil, that wouldn't happen up here:))

  2. That's disgraceful! Those people ought to be ashamed of themselves!

  3. I was wondering if you'd comment on this unfortunate incident. I find it horrifying and repulsive!

    I didn't leave the farm yesterday, except to go to the dump and the post office. I just couldn't stand to see the materialism rearing it's ugly head!

    I held on to good thoughts for you working yesterday an hoped the crazies didn't beat you down!