Friday, December 19, 2008

A Story Of Fiction

It's Never Too Late
Jenna Marie sat at her beat up kitchen table with a cigarette in one hand and the phone in her
other hand. Taking a long drag and inhaling deeply she felt satisfaction. But the feeling did not last due to the conversation she was having with her daughter Lindy. She just got through telling her Mom that she was not going to visit her for Christmas. Her daughter was tired of the games, tired of all the lies and tired of the way she pitted everyone in the family against each other. She said she was throwing in the towel and if things did not change she would not be seeing her or the grand kids again. Jenna was worried. Lindy as the oldest of her children had some influence over her brothers and sisters. She feared that eventually all her kids would cut her out of their lives and she would be totally alone.
She looked in the mirror and she did not like what she saw. Her face was starting to wrinkle after years of smoking, she looked tired and run down and she had gained a lot of weight over the past 5 years. She'd been married three times and she had nothing to show for it. She did come into some money when a close relative passed away but she went through that money like water. She used that money as a way of controlling people . Jenna did not like the person she had become. She wanted to change but did not even know where to begin.
Here it was 2 weeks before Christmas and there was no Christmas spirit in her heart. She felt emotionless and numb. She decided to get dressed and go out in the crisp winter air and take a walk. She walked for about 20 minutes and came upon a park that she'd never seen before and since she felt very winded, she decided to go sit down on on of the benches. She watched the children playing and tried to remember what it was like to be so young and carefree....
An elderly woman in ragged clothing walked up to the bench and asked if she could sit down. Jenna mumbled to her to go ahead and sit. She didn't really feel like talking to anyone so she tried to ignore the woman. Jenna finally glanced over at her and noticed that her eyes were the bluest eyes she'd ever seen. She had a peaceful look on her face despite the hardships that she'd evidently faced in this life. The woman introduced herself as Mary. Mary started talking and telling her about her life and the mistakes she'd made. She told her how she'd lived her life in anger and misery and alienated her family. Her main focus in life was money. She bought her kids things but did not give them the most important thing. LOVE. Jenna felt like she was looking at herself in the future. Mary told her that it was her son who finally saved her. Her son was a man with unlimited patience who preached about LOVE and better yet...he lived it. She continued to tell her story while Jenna just sat and listened.
For a few seconds Jenna just sat there with her eyes closed. When she opened them Mary was gone. She was nowhere in sight. She'd just disappeared. Jenna went home and called her daughter. Lindy she said.....I saw an Angel today. She made me realize how lost I've been and how I lost focus on what's really important in life. I'm sorry and I hope you can forgive me if it's not too late. Her daughter said, it's never too late. I'll see you at Christmas Mom. I love you.

May You All Have Peace In Your Hearts


  1. Oh:) Thats funny, someone said it yesterday too and I left a comment on her blog correcting her telling her my hubbys name was Justin not Bil:)))) Thanks for the info:)

  2. Well geeezzz...good lesson.
    I was as Walmart yesterday (the closest one is 45 min. away from here so its like once every couple of months of so that we ever get to go),
    Anyhow...I thought about YOU...couldn't help it.tee hee, strange.
    Merry Christmas hon!

  3. I love reading the story.. It has a good moral..

    Marry Christmas ..