Thursday, December 18, 2008

Random Stuff About Me

I don't think I've ever done one of those things on my blog where you make a list about yourself. Dana listed my name on her blog I think what I'm supposed to do is write 10 interesting things about myself.Well here goes. I ended up with more than 10.

1. I don't speak to the family I was born into and have not for probably 12 years and I'm not inclined to do so.
2. I think Jim Belushi is hot. (seriously)
3. I had several romantic type internet relationships before I met Russell.
4. I regret my marriage but never my kids.
5. I've visited my past lives either through regression, meditation or dreams.
6. I have trust issues which I feel I'm slowly overcoming.
7. I wish I could just fast forward through the next couple of months so I don't have to deal with the memories of things that happened during that time almost a year ago when my life was falling apart.
8. I was in ROTC in high school and was planning on joining the Army...I even went and took the placement tests but getting pregnant put an end to that plan.
9. I once paid $100 to go to a lecture by Sylvia Browne and sit in the 4th row.
10. I love Hollywood and would love to go there again some day but never to live.
11. I can take myself to another place where I can feel the Angels around me.
12. I think that chocolate is the best invention ever.
13. In real life I prefer the company of men over women.
14. I hate gossip at the workplace and avoid it at all costs.
15. I like Alternative music and my favorite is probably one that most of you have never heard of a group called LIVE. I also like New Age, Celtic and Native American music and some Rock.
16. I spend too much money.
17. I hate shopping unless it's in a craft store, new age store or book store.
18. My favorite actor is a toss up between Harrison Ford and Dennis Quaid.
19. Right now I'm talking to Russell on the phone and he's singing to me. Help me, I'm scared. :O
20. In grade school I tried to learn to play the flute but found out quickly that I'm not musically inclined.
21.I love to take of nature and scenery, not people. I need to get a better camera.
22. I am not happy that I have a bad temper at times.
23. Every day I tell myself I'm going on a diet, and every day I fail.
24. I feel as if it's hard to go back to a place that you used to live, and call it home again.
25. Right now I'm with the only man I've ever loved. I never knew what love was until I was with him.

So Dana how did I do? Once I got into the the thoughts came flowing.


  1. I contimplated all day about doing mine, but once I began I found it easy and had more than ten but stopped at eleven, i felt it to be empowering. Im sorry if you felt like I put you on the spot:) I think you did great. I see we have some similarities. I played the flute in elementary school too. I wish I could visit my past lifes. Thanks for being a good sport:))

  2. Im not sure what the red velvet flavor is. Shirla posted the recipe, take a look and see if you can figure it out. I know it has coco powder and red food coloring, other than that it seems like a normal cake recipe. I have to stop all this baking, I eat everything I bake:((( It's horrible

  3. My tree is 9ft. I got it at Walmart last Christmas. I was sick last year too and never did get it decorated and looks like this year it wont get decorated again because I'm still not feeling well and my decorations are still in the grain bin.

    My walls need painting again, I'm thinking about painting them a sage green or something like that.

  4. OK, when you said more than 10 I thought maybe 15 at most. LOL!

    I did this a while ago, I think. Great answers!

    I feel the same as you with shopping. Although, not so much the craft store since there's not much in it that is any good to me. But I can spend hours in a book shop or "new age store" if given the chance. Unfortunately it's usually my Mam I go shopping with and she HATES both kinds of stores. *Sigh*

  5. Indigo Incarnates

    I like your list. You don't seem like someone who could have a bad temper. I get that too sometimes.

  6. Wow, some very interesting things about you I didn't know. It takes courage to reveal such things out in the world wide web. I have always wanted to visit one of Sylvia's was it, did she talk to you? I would be interested in what she had to say, you can email me the answers if you have time! lol