Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What-A-Wednesday ! :)

Good news: Russell sold his GMC 4 wheel drive Jimmy that he was fixing up for $1800. It came out looking really good!
Bad news: He had to pay his child support with it.

Other News:
Walmart...the mecca of screaming kids, impatient parents and frantic, exhausted shoppers looking for a last minute quite an interesting place to work at this time of year. They all get rather upset because they have to stand in a long line to get checked out and they ask me silly questions like:

(what I'd like to say (but can't) is below each question)

1.Why are there not enough cashiers?
We're hiring, would you like to work here?

2.Why are you charging more for this that what it said on the shelf?
Because some Idiot lovely customer like yourself was too lazy to put it back in the right place so it was not on the right shelf.

3. What is the price of this item? (with no sticker or price tag on it)
Ma'am/ you think I have a virtual memory in my head of all the prices in the store?

4. Do you think my cat will like this cat litter?
I don't know....why don't you test if out on yourself.

5. I'll have to go get some cash. (when their card or check won't go through). Can I leave my stuff here?
Yeah, you'll be back when he** freezes over. :)

Despite all this craziness that will only get worse as times goes on....I remained relaxed and calm and watched the other associates and management run around like chickens with their head's cut off. It was quite a show as you can imagine. Really what is the point of getting stressed out over a job? It's not going to change anything.
About all the chocolate goodies that I had pictures of yesterday....I've actually made all of those things at one time or another in the past....except for the chocolate covered cheesecake. I've only made chocolate chip cheesecake. I've made all the other stuff. I try not to make it too often cause I'm addicted to chocolate and it's fattening!
It's been freezing for the last couple of days and just started warming up today. It's been as low as 10 degrees. I have a very hard time being in this cold weather. I had to go buy a new winter coat and today I bought some gloves. That reminds me...I found a neat store called the Factory Connection where I got my coat. I was going to go to Goody's and saw that place so went there instead since there were big 50% off signs all over the windows. And I did get a good deal. I got a coat for less than half price.
************************************************ for my poll I did a few posts back....the readers have spoken. They want to see a combination of things on my blog. One person even said my blog sucks. I just threw that answer in there cause I have a warped sense of humor and I wanted to see if anyone would actually pick that one. I found it very funny for some reason. ;)
I cooked a ham dinner a couple nights ago and today we are having leftovers. Ham, au gratin potatoes and a veggie. Simple. Tomorrow I'll make a soup with the rest of the ham. I think I'll make 15 bean soup.
Well that's it for now.
Have a good night.
If you go nice to your cashier. :)


  1. It's a shame most cashiers don't see things your way. Quite often the stupidity of previous customers gets to the cashiers so much that you don't even have to say anything before they are being snappy.

    I try to be nice to my cashiers though. I'm so much in the habit of it that the other day when we used the self serve thingy in Tesco and it said "Thank you for shopping at Tescos!" I actually said, "You're welcome!" ;)

    Glad Russel got the vehicle sold.

  2. The things you want to sya back are funny, you should just say them. I love walmart but can I just say that I hate it when the cashier asks me if I found everything I was looking for. One time I said no and explained what i couldnt find but he didnt even offer to locate it. So i pushed the no button on the " was your casheir friendly today" question:)) I cant believe someone said your blog sucked. I have an award for you