Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who Says Men Can't Clean?

A real man washes the dishes, takes out the trash, sweeps and washes the floors, does a load of laundry every now and then, makes the bed picks up after himself and last but not least.....puts down the toilet seat. Russell does all this and more but seems to have a bit of a problem with the last one...
Oh yeah and he can cook too. He makes some pretty good tasting food. Who else can claim their man can cook a meal like this?

Ok so in reality he'd cook something more like this...Now there anything sexier than a guy standing at the sink washing dishes? Or vacuuming? Well yeah maybe if they were doing it wearing their birthday suit.... or just in a plain old robe. ;)
So...thank you Russell for all you have been doing. You think I don't appreciate it but I really do. If only you'd learn to put that toilet seat down..... Or I may have to resort to extreme measures.



  1. Yes, I agree..good guy you've got there...and both dishes look great.
    I have a different opinion about the toilet seat thing.
    At least he lifts it up!!! I have known a few men that think they have a "straight aim" & don't even lift up the dang seat...I can see if a seat is up and i can put it problem...but I sure don't like sitting down where someone else Piddled!!! So to the men that lift up the seat...keep it up!
    Take Care hon!

  2. I am so happy for is rare...I have one of those kind of husbands also...who too has trouble with the seat down at times...

    I hear so many women talk about husbands to just won't do these things and I feel bad that they were unable to find someone that is willing fully participate in the marriage. Because that is what it is to me...a full commitment, not just what they choose to do and call it a marriage....a marriage is not based on love is all of life's activities.

    Hugs to you and Blessed Be.

  3. That was a cute post even though I'd rather not picture Russell vacuuming in his birthday suit, haha.


  4. I agree with you, Justin cooks and likes to vacum. He never leaves the seat up he actually puts the lid down too. He only has done the dishes once when I had surgery, but it was cook, he scrubed down all the counters and the sink:)

  5. My husband cooks, but he doesn't clean up the mess he makes while he is cooking. I've never known him to wash dishes or do laundry or any other household cleaning chore. I know he knows how to do all those things because he did them all before we got married!

  6. Great guy you have there. :)

    Kelly's pretty good at cooking and some aspects of cleaning. He forgets the rooms have corners and that we have bedrooms when it comes to vaccuming, and he doesn't seem to realise that dishes don't magically get from the draining rack to the cupboards after you wash them (we had a dish washer, but I sold it because it seemed pointless to have it with just the two of us... Especially since we didn't really have room for it anyway) but other than that he does a great job. He even puts the toilet seat down... Most of the time anyway! ;)

    To be honest, it's lucky at the moment that he does have the abilities to do house work and cooking, because I'm still having a few addaption issues and have yet to cook more than bacon since my op (the first one... The one in July).

  7. Velvet Ginger....I've got up in the middle of the night one too many times and almost fell in the toilet cause the seat was up. But I've never sat in piddle and I don't want to! ;)

    Drgngirl: good comment. I agree. :)

    Kay: by birthday suit I meant jeans, western shirt and cowboy boots. That's what he always wears. do you have a dirty mind? ;)

    Mrs. Ruiz :I'm glad to hear he does some stuff cause I know he's not home much and when he is home he probably wants to relax.

    Tori : Guys never do things exactly the way we would do them but still...we just have to appreciate what they do. Their idea of clean may not be the same as ours.