Thursday, January 15, 2009

I want to be able to walk into this house and think to myself.....this place is a home......even if it is just a temporary place to live. I've always redecorated the places I've lived in and tried to make them nice. Russell did not want any part of this when I told him I was going to do it. He did not think that painting paneling would look good. As the matter of fact I think his words were, It will probably look like crap. Well he's changed his mind and he's fixed all kinds of stuff. He even came up with the idea of moving the fridge into a little nook just off the kitchen because we had it in the dining area and that did not leave much room for a table. We never eat at the table, we just eat in the living room. So I painted the hall area where we put the fridge. It looked horrible because who ever painted it last got paint everywhere on the dark brown wood trim and doors. I solved that by just painting the whole area the color of the living room which is bungalow beige. Then he put boards in to make two shelves above the fridge so I can have some more storage for food. He even put an outlet in there to plug in the fridge. Now we will be able to get the larger table and chairs out of storage and put them in the dining area. Russell found them at some type of a rummage sale when we first moved here for something like $25. I'll take some pictures when I get things set up here.
As I've said before I have the living room done and I have about 3/4 of the kitchen done. I ran out of the green paint that I'm using for the kitchen so Russell went today to get some more. He got called into work just a little while ago even though it's his day off so he can't do all the things he was planning on doing today. We are hoping he gets home in time to go to storage and get the table and chairs. In the meantime I'm going to try to finish the kitchen.

We had two strange *incidents* at work recently. The first was when one of the CSM's asked me if I saw a certain guy go into the men's rest room with a dress shirt on a hanger. I was busy at the time so I didn't see him. Then he was in there for a very long time. Now keep in mind, customers are not supposed to bring unpaid for merchandise into the rest room. They called security and he went in there but I don't know what happened. The after about 15 minutes the guy came out and went to a register and paid for his shirt that he was wearing. And he wanted to keep the hanger and tag so he was probably going to return the shirt at a later time. He was probably intending to steal it but when he noticed that people had caught on to what he was doing he paid for it. Otherwise, he would have tried it on in the men's dressing room and then paid for it. The second incident was yesterday. As I was working, I heard this woman screaming at the top of her lungs saying....I want my money! I need to use the phone! She was getting very out of control. She was in one of those power chair things you get at the front of the store and she finally started to leave and was saying....I'm never coming back to this store! I hate you all! F*** you all! She was yelling so loud that people at the back of her store could hear her. I found out later that she was trying to return a cell phone she had bought and she brought in a receipt for a totally different phone. And, it was something she'd bought months ago. She said she'd called the day before and talked to someone and they said she could return it but she did not tell them she did not have the right receipt. The woman definitely had mental problems and was acting like a lunatic.

I appreciate all the support when I wrote about trying to lose weight. Thanks for all the great comments.

I'm watching one of my favorite movies right now while I paint. That movie is 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler. I just love that movie. Adam Sandler never gives up on love. Does anyone else like this movie as much as I do?

Well I'm going to get back to painting now.
Y'all have a wonderful day.


  1. I cant wait to see all the hard work you have been doing:)

  2. Us dudes, for the most part, are not into redecorating or painting. I've always tried to put off each project until my wife puts her foot down.

  3. Sounds like you are making nice progress on making your house a home for you.


  4. Glad you're getting the house looking how you want it. Good luck getting it finished! :)

    I think 50 First Dates is an awesome movie! I think it's one of the movies that made it on to my list of favourite movies on my profile, actually.

  5. I can't wait to see some pictures of the place when you are done.

    Did you get the invite I sent you?

    I love all Adam Sandler movies, but 50 1st Dates is extra special. It is a great story.

  6. Wow you are really getting alot done on your painting & changing things around! I bet it looks good. Part of my job is in retail and yes strange things always happen when you deal with the public! I have also learned that there are alot more dishonest people out there than I ever dreamed!~take care hon!