Monday, January 12, 2009

Wouldn't you think.....

that if I ate about half of what I normally eat and cut out junk food and drink green tea instead of soda that I would lose some weight? After I did this for about a week? Well I didn't lose an ounce. I know it's harder to lose weight after forty but still....this is crazy. I feel like I have to starve myself in order to lose weight. I tried last year going on a crazy diet where I ate only 1 or 2 meals a day and I did lose about 10 lbs. But that was way to hard to stick to and not very healthy. So now out of frustration, I'm sitting here eating McDonalds which I picked up on the way home from work. I'm not eating the usual dollar menu fare I normally get either. I'm eating a fillet of fish meal. Probably about 1000 calories or so. However I did not get any soda so I'm still sticking to that plan. I'm drinking some kind of orange drink. I guess I'm an emotional eater because I'm not really eating this because I want it. Maybe I'm just punishing myself for not losing weight. Eh, who knows. Maybe I just need to start keeping track of calories.


  1. Starving yourself isn't the way to get the weight off. If you cut your meal sizes down too much your body adjusts itself so it burns the food slower or something. I forget exactly what happens, but I read it somewhere plus I saw a dietitian a while back who told me the same thing. And my doctor said it too. Anyway, it's basically that the body thinks it wont be getting much food so it better keep some reserves, so instead of burning the calories it turns them in to reserves in case you don't eat much again later. You need to be watching the kinds of things you eat more than how much. Increase vegetables and fruit, decrease fatty foods and fried foods.

    And, most importantly, don't beat yourself up over not losing any weight. All that's going to achieve is that you'll feel bad and dive in to the nearest pile of junk food. Which will then make you feel worse because you ate something you didn't really want to be eating.

  2. Im eating what I want but I have been told that soon I wont wnat to eat like I have and eat what I have been. You can go to amd read about the product. It is costly but if it works then to me it is worth it:)

  3. (((((HUGS))))) Aw Barb. I'm sorry that you're struggling so hard to lose this weight and yet it's not coming off yet. Keep strong, sweety. You CAN do it! Just don't give up!!!!!

  4. Just stick with it hon, don't get discouraged, it rarely shows after just one week, just eat healthy, you are doing great...(except that McDonlad's slip) lol Hang in there!

  5. I know the frustration. I use a free site called to help me stay right with nutrition. I'll send you an invite...Don't give up.

    Btw, you need to visit my blog as I left you something there...

  6. I know how frustrating it can be. When I lost a lot of weight I didn't start to notice it until about 2-3 months. I didn't own scales so I dont know how much I lost, but after 3 months my clothes started hanging off of me. I went from a size 18 to a size 10. In all it took about a year to get to a size 10. Just hang in there with it and dont give it!

  7. I commend you on sticking with(out) the Diet Cokes! I'm still doing the same.

    I know the agony of trying to lose weight, working on it, and having no loss to show for it!

    I will be starting the South Beach plan as soon as Practically Gown goes home.

  8. indigo incarnates

    I understand your frustration very well. It is ridiculous how easy it is to gain weight and how tough it is to lose even a little weight.

  9. The human body has spent thousands and thousands of years evolving into the near perfect "survival" machine that it is - not knowing that in this century (and perhaps last century) food was (nearly) always just around the corner and available at (almost) anytime.

    Combine that with the 'sit at the office all day' instead of walking behind a horse plowing the fields and you got a double whammy.

    *Hugs* Its tough losing weight - hope you persevere.

    "Persist and persevere, and you will find most things that are attainable, possible."

    -- Lord Chesterfield