Monday, January 12, 2009

A Day In The Life Of Barb I got up early....I think it was 8:30 am when Russell came in the door from working all night. By 9 I started with my painting and cleaning. I'm done with the living room. I have about half the kitchen done. Today I did the wall where I have these two cabinet things I bought when we first moved in here. There was not enough storage space so I bought a cabinet with a door for dishes and a big bookshelf type thing where I store food. Last night we moved them out into the middle of the floor. This morning after I finished painting and while Russell was sleeping I decided to try to move them back myself. Keep in mind, they still have stuff in them. I got the smaller one with the dishes moved just fine. Then I try to move the big one. It starts swaying back and forth. I had to yell for Russell to come out and help me. Picture this. He comes out with just a shirt on (nothing else) and he's trying to hold the shelf up while it's swaying like crazy and I take all the stuff off and pile it on the kitchen floor. It makes a huge pile and a huge mess! I had food everywhere. After I get it all off he says he's so exhausted and will fix it later. He goes back to bed. Well....not good enough. I look at the back of the shelf. I notice that the backing stuff on the back was never nailed on right. His son put it together. So I get out some nails and nail about 30 nails in the back and make it nice and sturdy. Then I moved it back and put on all the food. This is a big shelf and goes almost to the ceiling so it takes awhile. Well now it's all organized. Then I painted some more, washed a bunch of dishes, washed the kitchen floor and picked up around the house and painted again. I quit about 2 pm and took a quick shower and went to work at 3, just barely making it there in time to punch in. Work was kinda slow today and uneventful except for when the dumb CSM who does not know how to do his job forgot to give me my lunch. I decided to wait and see how long it took him to notice. There are only a few cashiers at the store by this time so it's not that hard. An hour & 10 minutes passes and he never does notice. The other CSM finally comes back from lunch. She takes over for me on my register and I go home for lunch and by the time I get back an hour later, it's 9 :12. I get off at 11:00 pm. And I still had to have my last break in between that time. Once again, the dumb CSM forgot my break. He is very unqualified, believe me. He brought me an extra $100 bill the other day when I only asked for $1 bills and change. Then he did not take the money in exchange for that. So the main cash drawer comes up $200 short. Jeeze, I wonder why? This is only one of a several times he's done this to me, giving me the wrong amount of money. I don't think he will last long as a CSM. He also has a bad attitude and acts annoyed when we ask for money and that's his job. Well anyhow today at work was better than yesterday when a woman came in and proceeded to throw all her stuff on the belt. Then when I gave her a pen, she said it did not write and she threw it at me and it landed on the floor. She should have stayed home with her bitchy attitude instead of taking it out on others.

Here is something super cool. My man (Mr. Fix It) put an outlet in the bathroom. Yayyyy! Now I can plug in my curling iron and I don't have to haul out the long extension cord and plug it in the living room and run it into the bathroom. I can't believe there was no outlet in there. This house is old but still....I guess they did not use blow dryers and curling irons when it was built.

Now as for yesterday....I should not be allowed so shop alone. I hate shopping and I just wander around buying random stuff . Russell told me to make a list so I did. Too bad I did not go by the list. Besides food and the oil filter and oil I needed for my van.... I ended up knives, 2 professional cookie sheets and this fancy muffin pan, a new toaster and probably some other junk I forgot about. Well I rationalized it this way. I cleaned an apartment the day before and put that money in the bank so the extra stuff I got was free. What is bad is that I forgot to get some of the stuff on my list. :(

Tomorrow I only have to work 4 hours so that will give me plenty of time to get other things done. Well that's about it. This was the day in the boring life of Barb. ;) Not very exciting.
Night Y'all.


  1. Sounds like a busy and eventful day to me.

  2. LOL!! I cant stop laughing. He sleeps in just a shirt, that is so funny, your life doesnt sound boring. I do the same when Im shopping:)

  3. Hi ...Isn't painting is fun ..because i did paint my office just a little to make it more romantic and enjoy working and that's was my second time painting something and it was so kool to do .. i didnt work at all that day just paininting but got so tired after a while just needed a nap but didnt get time to even take a nap.. but now office looks so relaxing and much better..
    I like the butterfly good morning ..quite beautiful
    Talk to you soon
    God bless

  4. I think I would have called it a full day after getting the can / bookshelf hammered back together and against the wall and restocked.

    Ugh at dealing with people. I'm glad I don't have to do that (yet).

  5. I am so a list person at the store...but I do often put a few other things in the cart...but I am usually about staying to my list and getting out of there..LOL

    I would die without electricity in my bathroom...glad you got that taken care of. :)