Friday, January 9, 2009
My feet hurt!
We got some more paint today....a sage green color and I started the dining room kitchen area. I think it's looking so much better already. I really love the green color and normally I don't like green that much. I got it because it matches my curtains that I already had and I did not want to buy more curtains. I painted until about 3 pm and then I worked from 4pm to 11 pm and my feet are killing me. I'm going to try to get some more painting done before work tomorrow because after work I'm going to go clean a house for the landlord. Luckily I only have a short day tomorrow. I was happy when I got my paycheck today because they paid us an extra day for both Christmas and New Years days.

I just seem to be a target for the Jehovah Witnesses. This woman started preaching to me tonight at work and gave me one of those pamphlets. I remembered her from a couple months ago and she made me mad that last time. I don't like having religion shoved down my throat. Anyhow I didn't realize till today she is a Jehovah when I glanced at the paper she gave me. She could not take the hint that I was not interested. Finally I took her bags and put them in the cart cause she was just standing there and told her to have a good night. Then I went to restock some of the cigarettes on the shelves. I won't say what I would have liked to say to her. ;)

Y'all have a wonderful day & week.


  1. Glad you're making progress on the painting. Sorry your feet are hurting so much though!

  2. I love the sage green. I have that color in my bathroom.

    I am not into other faiths pushing themselves on me either. And when you say you are not interested they just don't go away.

  3. You should've chatted her up about The Jackson Five, how great Michael Jackson turned out to be. I'm sure she would've liked that.

  4. Ouch! Throbbing feet:( You should soakt hem and relax, I love the sage green too!

  5. indigo incarnates

    Those JW's are just *SO* annoying! And I can understand being raised as a JW, but why would anyone want to CONVERT to such a joyless, loveless faith?

  6. Indigo Incarnates

    Thanks for your kind words to Ashen. I think you're right in your assessment too.

    Oh... painting a house is always cool. I hope I can afford to repaint the inside of the house in a year or two.