Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Every Day Life

I'm off today and I'm doing some cleaning around here. I'm washing laundry (including the shower curtain liner that looks grungy), washing dishes, know how it goes. All that mundane stuff that is boring to do. Oh yeah, I'm soaking the living room window blinds in the bathtub with greased lightening. I don't know how else to get them clean so that's what I came up with. I never cleaned them when we first moved in here....I was more concerned with getting a job at that time.
Painting all those window panes really sucks. It's so time consuming. Sometimes when I get home from work I'll work on it for awhile or sometimes before work depending on what my hours are. I came home from work one day and found out that Russell had replaced one of the bottoms of the windows with a new board cause the old one was rotted. He did a really good job. We can't call the landlord and ask him to do things like this cause Russell is the maintenance man for all his rental properties. So back to what I'm doing today. I'm going to put the rest of the curtains back up in this room. It's really one long room that has a living room area, dining room then a small kitchen. It's a really old house so the set up is not that great but for us it's just a temporary place to live. Russell does not understand why I want to fix this place up. For one we will probably be here until 2010 when his child support will be over with. Another thing is this, I really think that environment plays a part in mood. If you live in a crappy are you supposed to be in a happy mood? If you look around and things don't look nice how are you even supposed to get motivated to keep the place clean, cook etc?

Once again, I'm giving up the diet pepsi...I had been drinking way too much of it. I don't know if it has anything to do with it but I had a migraine for couple of days and I felt miserable. I had it to the point that I was very nauseous and throwing up. So it's been about 5 days now since I've had any. Russell got rid of the worst of the headache for me with his healing method. I think that the aspartame in diet drinks is way more addictive than we realize. I gave it up before for quite awhile and hopefully I can give it up for good this time. I've been trying to eat better as well, cutting out the junk food. You should see what people at Walmart eat in the breakroom! It's like a junkfood palace. Big huge plates of fried food from the deli, junk from the vending machines, take out name it, they eat it. I go home at lunch time and try to stay away from there on my breaks. I've been drinking a lot of green tea. (the hot kind, not cold). Green tea is even supposed to be good for decreasing the appetite and I do notice that effect. The more I drink, the less hungry I feel. I drink it with honey, not sugar so I think it's a little bit healthier. What I really need to do is come up with some good dinner ideas that are healthy (not fried) but still taste good. To all the wonderful cooks out there.....any ideas?
I'm not going on a diet because from past experiences, they don't work. But I've felt rather blah lately and my body is telling me to make better choices in eating and cooking. Right now I'm drinking Goji Berry Pomegrante green tea and that's gotta be better than diet coke right? It tastes really good too with a little honey in it.

Well we did have an interesting *incident* the other day. I was giving Russell a hair cut with the electric clippers and thought it was not working right. So he took it and adjusted it and he said try it now. I didn't realize the 1/2 inch attatchment that I was not using that was not on there any longer. Well I tried it all right and now he has a bald spot. I was crying about it but he said just use the 1/4 inch attatchment and cut my hair. He said...It's just hair and will grow back. He said he even thought it was kinda funny. But I didn't! This is not the first time it happened either. Can you believe he still let me cut his hair after I did it the first time? At least this time, it's in a spot that is covered by the hat he wears. That's how you know a man really loves you.....when he still trusts you to cut his hair after you give him a bald spot. ;)


  1. LOL, on the haircut. He's right Barbara it's just hair. Give yourself a break sweetie:) I did the same to Ians but the bald spot was right above his ear, he never let me touch his hair again. Im with you on the making the house look nice so you feel nice:) I had to explain it to Justin too.

  2. Giving up diet soda?!?! I think this is where I came in!!

    Actually, I have been "off" the sodas for about 4 or 5 days too. I don't think it agrees with my stomach, so why drink it!

    Not Quite Grown arrives for a visit tomorrow. After that, I plan on starting the South Beach Diet, at least for a little while. I like that it is based on low-glycemic foods, which I need to avoid diabetes. There is a two week detox where you get over the craving for carbs. I think I can do that!

    Good for you making your home more pleasant and therefore enriching your life!!

    Please don't cut my hair, okay?

  3. ROFL Sweety, twice (or is it 3 times?) now I have used the wrong setting when cutting Scott's hair. This last time, he was all but bald (had a really, REALLY short cut), and it grew back in less than a month. Friday will be one month from that hair-cut, and his hair's already long enough that it's bugging him again. Really, when done right, Scott needs his hair cut approximately every 3 weeks. He's not totally opposed to me completely buzzing him now, except for that it's so cold. *grin*

    Don't worry. It WILL grow back. Just use that as a reminder next time to check the setting. (I do good for after I've buzzed S. too short, then I forget on time and do it again.)

    As for the acts of maintaining your rental-place, you're right. Not that how our homes look should be the be-all-end-all, but at the same time, it helps to have your home in decent condition to entice you to keep it that way. I wish you the best of luck in your chores today!!!

    And last but not least, if you're looking for some good recipes that are healthy, check out the "Cooking Light" magazines by the folks who do the "Taste of Home" magazine. These magazines have great recipes sent in by the folks who read the magazines. Your local library may have subscriptions to the magazines as well, or even searching the archives online. Without knowing what y'all really like to eat, it's hard to make suggestions myself. Best of luck in your endeavors to cook and eat more healthfully.

  4. Indigo Incarnates

    I sometimes accidentally give Doug shaving nicks when I shave his head in the morning. I am glad he always forgives me.

  5. I'm looking for some healthier (but still tasty) dinner ideas too. I'm doing the same kind of thing as you... Cutting back on treats, stopping all the fizzy drinks and looking for healthier dinner options. So I'd really appreciate it if you could share any recipes you find that fit the requirements. Any I find will be on my recipe page. I have a couple on there among the not so healthy stuff already. Some have been on there a while, but there are one or two newer ones.

  6. Too cute, sounds like you have a keeper Barb.