Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kayla's 21st birthday.

My daughter Kayla turned 21 on January 19th. She was born with a ton of dark hair that was blonde underneath. I don't know why these pics are various sizes.
Here she is at age 4.
Age 20.
I'm going to ask her to send me some new pics. I don't have any since I was in New Mexico. last year.
The past couple of days
Last night I could barely move. I was so exhausted and all my muscles were aching. Sounds like I had a good workout doesn't it? Well I didn't get a workout at all. I've been working pretty much nonstop since Monday. On Monday morning I got up at 5 and was going to go clean a house that we needed to clean. I decided I'd better wait till it got light out in case there was no electricity on there. I got there at after 7 and Russell met me over there after working all night. There was electric and heat. We cleaned for 5 hours. Then I had to go to work for 4 hours (short day). Then after work we went over and finished. The place was disgusting. I thought about putting pictures on here of how nasty it was but decided against it. It was pretty horrible (picture cockroach and mouse droppings everywhere) but we did a good job and got it really clean. Then Tuesday I got up at 4:30 am to wake up enough to leave for work at 6:45. I worked till 4 pm and then we went and cleaned an apartment. This place looked like a dungeon because of not enough windows, it was so dark in there. There was no electric so the young man from next door let up run an extension cord in to his house. There was no hot water. It took me over an hour to scrub the nasty stove. It took about 3 hours to do this place. Also there was no heat and I was freezing. Then yesterday I got up at 4:30 am and it was a repeat of the day before. I went after work to clean the apartments next door to us. Russell could not help me on that one until the end because he was underneath a house doing plumbing for the landlord. All the pipes were so bad that they kept cracking when he tried to add in new pipe. Anyhow I cleaned this apartment and they left a lot of junk there so when Russell got there he put it in the storage shed in case the people wanted it. This place was not too bad but like the other places, the stove was really bad. What is it with people that leave their stoves all covered with grease and food and let it drip underneath the top of the stove and get all hard? These people left cat litter in both of the closets on the floor. It looks like they had litter boxes in there and the cat knocked out the litter with cat poop too. Yuck! People can be such pigs.
So you can imagine that after all this we were both exhausted. We were too tired to cook so he went and got us McDonalds food. It was either that or Taco Bell and I don't really like to eat food from there.
I was surprised when I got on the scale this morning to find out I lost 10 lbs. Well actually closer to 11 lbs. I knew I'd lost 5 because I weighed myself about a week ago. I have not really been dieting. I did cut out the diet soda. It is a known fact if you do your research that aspartame and other artificial sweeteners cause weight gain. They make you feel bloated and can cause severe carb cravings. They sure did make me crave junk food! I've been drinking lots of green tea. There must be something to this green tea because they put it in all kinds of diet aids. But why not just drink the real stuff? I don't drink cold tea (I don't like it) so I just buy the tea bags and drink it hot with honey. It has a lot of antioxidants in it so it's really good for us. I have not exercised but with everything I've been doing I think it's better than a workout.
Today I'm off and you know what I'm going to do? Nothing. Ok so I do have to wash a few dishes and some laundry but that's nothing. I'm just going to be lazy. Watch some tv, maybe read some of my trilogy of seven books. I keep thinking I should do some more painting because it's really hard to just sit here and do nothing. ;) I do have to go pick up my paycheck and put it in the bank. And I seriously need to buy new shoes for work. Ok, other than that I won't be doing anything. Maybe.....
Well that's it for now.
Y'all have a wonderful day.


  1. I can't imagine what these places looked like - I know people can be huge slobs.

    I cleaned up a house in Indianapolis once - I think I removed at least 200 broken beer bottles... some of them still half full. Yeck!

    Congrats on the weight loss - sounds like it all came off in a hurry.

  2. Belated happy birthday to Kayla! :)

    Congrats on the weight loss!

    I can imagine what those places look like. I moved in to a house once that the land lord said we could rent at the price of the flat we had off him if we cleaned it up, since I wanted to be in a house (we were in an upstairs flat). It took us a week to get the inside clean enough to even contemplate moving stuff in. There was mould so bad in the hallway mushrooms were growing. The windows were so filthy you couldn't see through them at all... It was like looking out at night and seeing nothing but darkness, only it was day time and sunny. The bathroom was so thilthy the white sink and bath looked black. And I don't even want to think about the kitchen!!! Plus, we actually had to wade through rubbish (magazines, empty food and drink containers, etc) just to get in the door, let alone go from room to room. And the garden... OMG! You should have seen it! The patio area outside the back door was knee deep in dog mess and dirty nappies. It looked like they'd literally opened the door and tossed the nappies out to where their dog (by the look of the piles, a large one) was confined. That was without counting the usual "they've not looked after the garden" type mess.

    I don't know how people can bear to let things get that bad. A bit of a sticky floor from spilling something you couldn't clean properly and haven't had time to wash the floor, I can understand. Slightly grubby windows, I can understand. A few cobwebs and some dust, I can understand. But the mess people leave places in is disgusting and disgraceful!

  3. A very happy belated Birthday to your daughter Kayla..She is so adorable Barb...Isn't she like you?

  4. Congrats on your weight loss:) Avery had tons of hair just like that when she was born, your daughter is beautiful:)