Saturday, January 24, 2009


Love is :
When my man and I clean apartments together and he does the nastiest work so that I don't have to and then he lets me have all the money for the jobs. He tells the landlord to make all the checks out to me.

After working all night he goes and meets me at a place we have to clean, even though he worked all night the night before.

When he watches chick flicks with me even though that's not really his type of movie.

When I get up at 5 am to bring him his coffee in bed even when I don't have to get up because I don't have work that day.

When he still lets me cut his hair even though I've messed up twice now.

When I meet him on a highway as he passes through this city while he's working in the middle of the night so I can bring him food because he's hungry.

Love is not just saying the words....I love you. Without the actions, the words don't really mean anything.

There are a lot of little things that we take for granted that are actions of love.


  1. Very beautiful post, you must feel very fortunate to have a man like him:) and him to have a woman like you:)

  2. These to me are wonderful examples of love...

    It is awesome to have that in ones life and makes me so happy for you...

  3. I'm with you on all that stuff except cutting hair. My wife doesn't cut my hair. Ha. Nah, I'm sure she'd do a great job.

    You two are an awesome couple! It's all about teamwork teamwork teamwork! And love too.

  4. That's a most beautiful entry.. and you two have something very special.


  5. there's difference between love and lust and you decribed it very well...Long time age, i have posted something on love too and day by day we learn new things about love