Saturday, January 24, 2009


We went last night to clean another apartment. Just after we got the trash carried out, Russell's work called and he had to go out and work all night. So there I was in a kind of bad neighborhood with that odd guy that we gave the ride to living next door. Luckily he didn't bother me. The place was not too bad. I got it done in a couple of hours. Or so I thought. What we thought was the back door had a little back hall that we did not notice. The landlord called this morning and said he looked in there and it was full of trash. So we went back late this afternoon since Russell was back and went to take that trash out. We couldn't believe it! This hall was halfway full to the ceiling with trash bags. These people lived there for 3 months and they could not have taken any of the trash out during this time. In front of that door in the kitchen was some trash too and we thought that was all there was. I can see why these people said they had roaches in their house. With all that wonder!
I got some more paint today. I had painted the inside of the front door a darker green color but I did not like it. I got this paint at Walmart and it was crap. So off to Sherwin Williams where the landlord has his account and I got a color called artichoke and some more bungalow beige. I got one coat on the front door and it looks so much better. I love the color now. Tomorrow I'm hoping to do some painting in our bedroom.
Oh yeah, and I have another apartment to clean. Usually I don't have this many, just one here and there. But it does give me some extra spending money though so that's a help.

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  1. At least cleaning these places is giving you the money to get things you need for yourself and your own home. :)

    I don't understand how people can let things get that bad! It's disgusting!