Monday, February 9, 2009


This is what I feel like right now. Ok so maybe I'm not bitching but I am venting. We finally got the sewing machine manual for the free sewing machine that Russell got. It was hard to find but I did find it online. I couldn't use my Paypal account to pay for it. I had to put in my new card number and Paypal kept saying that card was already in use on another account. :( Russell finally got it using his account. Then Russell got it printed out for me and I started to oil all the stuff it said to oil. I had to take some stuff apart to do it but I got it done. Then Russell adjusted this thing called a feed dog(yes that's an actual sewing machine part) only he made it too tight. I tried it after he left cause he got called to go to work and it messed up the bobbin thing. This feed thing is what makes the fabric move along. So, I loosened that up and tried to sew and now the bobbin keeps falling out and the thread gets all tangled. This is so very frustrating. Then I adjusted the screw on the bobbin holder and that didn't do a thing to fix it. Before I could at least sew good enough on it to do one of the curtains in our bedroom. Now I can't use the machine to do the other curtains. I'm ready to throw the whole thing out of the window. Ok so not really but I feel like that some times. I don't want to pay money to take this machine to a repair place so I'm going to have Russell work on it some more before taking that step. He's really good at fixing stuff.

On Saturday Russell had to buy a new printer cause the one he had would not work at all. He went to Walmart and I told him....Make sure you buy a HP cause those are the best. Well he did and tried all weekend to load the necessary software onto his computer. He never did get it loaded despite the fact that he even talked to customer service. Finally Sunday he went and exchanged it and got a Lexmark. This one is even wireless. It took him only a few minutes go get it working. He used this printer/copier/scanner to print out the manual for the sewing machine.

I did get quite a bit done yesterday. I got our bedroom all straightened out after the painting. It was a mess! I also did laundry and Russell did some of his laundry as well. So I pretty much got the place cleaned.

Today I tackled dusting. That's got to be the worst chore ever. I decided to just *suck it up* and use the vacuum hose to dust everything I could. I did the ceiling fans, ceiling, on top of stuff like the computer and tv and it's so much easier. I would have used it to wash dishes as well but maybe that would be taking it a bit too far? ;)

Today Russell cut some boards for the shelves that are going above the fridge. The cord to his circular saw was extremely short. I mean like a foot long! He said he cut it one too many times while sawing and had to fix it. Now is that a blond moment or what??? Now I have even more reason to worry when he uses electrical tools. Jeeze.

So for the rest of the day....I think I'm going to walk away from the sewing machine for now. I need to paint the two boards that he cut. I may get a movie from the RedBox or I may watch something we already have. I need to get out of the house for a bit before I do anything else. So I'm outta here for now.
I hope y'all have a good day.


  1. HP printers have really fallen into hard times - they used to be the absolute best - and then their software became buggy and/or impossible to install. Add to that the inkjet cartridges are horribly expensive.

    I'm sorry your sewing machine is "acting up" - as hard as it is, sometimes its best to walk away for a while when you get frustrated. I hope the handy dude can fix it.

  2. Years ago, some friend bought a new-to-them house. when the went to get the central vacuum serviced (it wasn't working very well,) the repair guy said the the former owners had used the vacuum to clean the kitty litter box! Can you say, Ewww?!

  3. Love the pic of the cat! lol

    I wont get to go to the hospital. I'm going to wait until the get home to go see them. She had an emergency C-section at 12:30pm and I haven't heard anything, so I have no idea how everything is going.
    :( I'm a nervous wreak!!!

  4. Hope Russel can fix the sewing machine for you.

    Glad you're getting there with sorting the place out.

    Hope you enjoyed whatever movie you ended up watching. :)