Monday, February 2, 2009

Never Ending Job

I feel like this painting is taking way longer than I ever thought it would. I don't paint every day, when I come home from being at work for 9 hours......sometimes I'm just too tired. So I do a couple hours here, a couple there but some days like today I work on it all day. One thing that slows me down is that I don't use a roller to paint because I prefer a brush. I think it's a lot less messy. But there is more involved than just painting. I had to take down the blinds from the 3 windows in the bedroom. They were dusty and dirty. I bet they have not been washed in years. So I put them in the tub like I did with the living room ones and soaked them then cleaned all the slats. One of the blinds had a couple of broken slats so I took that one apart (it's easy to do) and removed the broken ones and took slats from the bottom to replace them. They now look like new. I'm glad I did not buy new ones like I thought about doing. I have also had to fill in and then sand hundreds of nail holes. Some of the nails in the wall were like big huge spikes. I have no idea why someone would use nails like that.

Then I had to go shopping. I bought curtains and rods, some new pillows, some food and a few other odds and ends. I hate shopping but this time I did not do to bad and come out with too many random things I don't really need. Russell has been working on a plumbing job all day so I brought him some food and we sat in my van while he ate it.

Russell does not want me to finish painting. He says it keeps me from saying.....I'm bored. Well I told him that when I run out of things to paint, I'll paint his truck. I'll paint it with some psychedelic designs from the 60's. I figured since it's a work truck he won't mind. But for some reason, he did not go for it. He told me to paint my own van instead. Jeeze, men can be so mean huh? ;)

At least I feel like I accomplished something on my day off. I'm going to get back to work now on my painting. Y'all have a good night.


  1. Sounds like you accomplished a lot!

    You should tell him that if he doesn't want you getting bored then you need to paint both trucks. LOL!

  2. You know? a simple as this entry was - I was both impressed and moved. Your washing and frugal repair of the blinds - your "stick to it-ness" and your thoughts of what to do next (planning ahead is so hard for some people)...

    ...and throughout your entry is this sense of..serene calmness. It put me in a better frame of mind today - and I thank you for that.

  3. wow.. you have done a lot .. I think its easier to use roller than brush..becuase if i paint with brush.. you will see more paint on me..

    love always