Monday, February 23, 2009

Trying Not To Let Things Get To Me

My schedule at work is still screwed up. Not on next weeks schedule but the week after they gave me those crazy hours again where they have me working from 3pm to 11pm and then at 7 am the next morning. A new guy is doing the schedule and maybe he still needs to learn how to do it. I refuse to work those hours. I worked them last night and this morning and I won't be doing it again. I worked till 11 pm last night and it took me till 2:30 am to fall asleep. I woke up at 5 when Russell's alarm kept going off and I could not go back to sleep. I didn't go into work till 7:40 and they didn't say a word about it. They know I'm not happy with the schedule and hopefully it gets straightened out soon.

The stripping of the cabinet doors is turning out to be way more work than I bargained for. What a mess! I bought this stripper stuff that is costly but non toxic....some citrus orange stuff and it works well but I have to use so much because there are probably 20 layers of paint! There is even one layer of green wallpaper type stuff. How weird huh? I got that citrus stuff because it's supposed to be non toxic and safe to use indoors but with one bottle costing almost $12 at Walmart and only enough to do one door I can't afford it. So bring on the poison crap! I'm going to have to buy the cheaper stuff and do it outside. Russell has been helping with this and we scraped off so much paint that turns into oooey goooey crap. We only have one side to one door done.

Right now I'm watching the movie Ghost. I've seen it a bunch of times in the past but I still love it so I bought it at Walmart for only $5. I've also been reading the book The New Earth by Ekhart Tolle. Ya, know....I've tried to read it before. But this time I'm really reading it. This time I really get it. It's such an awesome book and I recognize myself in so many of the things he talks about. Have you ever read a book and then reread it at a later time and it seemed like a completely different book? I love it and just can't say enough good things about it. You have to be ready to read a book like this. If you are ready to Awaken To Your Life's Purpose then read this book. Check out this website:

Russell just came home and he does not think I appreciate him. I did notice that when I came home the dishes were washed and the toilet seat was down. ;) But what I did not notice was the the bed was made, the kitchen floor was washed and the floor was vacuumed. So this is in appreciation of you honey. I love you!

That's all folks.


  1. Sorry they still have your schedule screwed up. :(

    Good luck finishing the cupboard doors!

  2. indigo incarnates

    We're getting a new employee soon who is a transfer from another department. Rumor has it that he's a mean drunk. Whooo-hooo!

    The $5 movie I've seen a zillion times is "Syngenor". It's b-rate sci-fi movie featuring bullet-proof lizard-like super-soldiers running amok at the headquarters of Norton Cyberdyne (yes, they rented a hotel building to film the movie, har har!_

  3. Good luck sorting your work schedule. Those are very hard hours, indeed! And good luck with those cabinets. I hope you will post pictures of your progress,


  4. Your work hours suck. There I said it! Take that Mr. Schedule-maker!

    As for the cabinet door. You might try getting a stripping gun. Kinda like a hairdryer but runs much hotter. you just aim it on the paint, wait for it to bubble and then scrape it off with a wide blade scraper. No promises that the paint isn't toxic!

    Tell Russell that we appreciate that he makes you so happy!!

  5. I cant believe they have not fixed you schedule. You have a good man:) All that housework and he put the seat down. Justin puts the seat down but makes messes not clean them:( He says I get paid well to do that

  6. That's sucky about the wonky schedual. Hope you can talk them into not doing that to you. And I hope you can get more sleep tonight.

    As for the cabinet doors. I hope you can get them stripped easily. I noticed that our cabinet doors seem to have some sort of laminate paper on them that's starting to strip off on it's own, wierd. Anyway, what are you going to do with the doors when you've got them stripped? Are you painting them? Staining them?

    Yeah for Russell being sweet and doing some stuff around the house to help you out!