Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cold, Windy, Snowy

Up in the northern part of Oklahoma they got tons of snow! I believe we just got the edge of the storm and all we got was a light dusting. But it's very cold and right now it's only 34 degrees. It's quite windy as well. I only have a short day at work tonight....just 4 hours so I'm going to hang around here and keep warm. I have cleaning to do and I don't know how this place gets so dirty. With the two of us here it shouldn't but I think it's a matter of it being small and anything that is left out looks like clutter. If everything is in it's place it looks nice and neat.

Russell is working on a furnace today. It's at the apartment complex that is next door to us. He fixed a heater in one of those apartments yesterday and now another one is broken. He's getting pretty good at fixing stuff like this and learning as he goes along.

We found out recently that that same apartment complex used to be a small hospital. I tried researching it but have not found out anything about it yet. Russell heard from one of his co-workers that the first floor was a morgue. Pretty interesting huh? Maybe there are a few spirits wandering around there. I told Russell that he should ask the first floor tenants if they saw any spirits and mention the morgue thing but I don't think he wants to scare them. I don't think I'd want to live in a place that used to be a morgue.

We had a meeting at work the other day and they talked about how Walmart was still doing very well despite the economy. I think I'm going to start buying a bit of Walmart stock and that will come out of my paycheck each pay period. I didn't realize that they matched it up to 15 % so it's like having a savings account and you would not get that much interest on any savings account that I know of. They always talked about all the *Green* things that they do as a company. They are very big on recycling and now they are doing something I thought they'd never do. At the other Walmart I worked at in SC I used to get upset that they be throwing away so much food....such as veggies that looked perfectly good or things that were a bit past their sell by date. Now they donate it to food pantrys. It's about time! They even freeze milk that's getting near the date and then it goes to the food pantrys. Things that are near their sell by date are perfectly good for quite some time after that date. Now all that food won't be going to waste and will go to people that can really use it.

Well that's it for now. Y'all have a wonderful weekend. :)


  1. Maybe it would be better if you didn't ask the tenants about the spirits. I'm sure most of them don't know what the place used to be, and I expect they'd prefer to keep it that way.

    I'm glad the stores are starting to pass on food rather than just throwing it out.

  2. Hi, Barb: I'm sitting here watching a movie, eating apple pie, watching the snow, and thinking about cleaning! I need to get up and get busy. Something about this snow just makes me want to stay bundled up in my chair, eat, and watch TV.

    Good for WalMart for helping people out. And for not being wasteful.

    You have a wonderful weekend, too. D

  3. I was thinking about you with this weather. Glad it was not to bad for you. We got unseasonably cold, but thankfully the few flurries stayed north of us. Glad to hear Walmart has taken that extra step towards being green and working with the community. Mmm, interesting about the apartment complex. After I read your first sentence about it I was wondering about spirits also. Did you get my emails about the books? My email address is

  4. indigo incarnates

    my job does a match on the first $600 per year for 401k also. It's like free money. Whooo-hoo! :)

  5. Your storm passed us by without too much rain, but it much colder today!

    Sounds like Russell is learning so very handy skills to use now and in the future. I'd skip the morgue stories too. You wouldn't want the landlord blaming you for the rash of vacancies!!

    Glad that Wal-Mart is stepping up and doing what they can to eliminate waste. Good for them!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. We are expecting a great big snowstorm week here! Last week was in the 60's and 70's - go figure.

    Good for you for buying Walmart stock! 15% is a wonderful match! Remember me when you are rich!!!