Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's Cookin Wednesday

Here are some things I've cooked this past week. I've been trying to cook more even though it's sometimes difficult with our hours. Most of these things are things I've cooked many times except for the first recipe which I just threw together on Monday.

Pasta, sauteed chicken and broccoli in a garlic parmesan alfredo sauce
Salmon patties, brussell sprouts and homemade potato salad. I had to use up some eggs that Russell gets from a guy at work, some green onions from his Dad and some potatoes cause I had a lot!
Swedish meatballs & mushrooms over egg noodles and green beans
Apple Crisp

Crockpot chicken soup made from leftover chicken


  1. Wish I had some of that apple crisp right this minute! I can't cook worth anything. Pies. That's about it. D

  2. The pasta and the swedish meatballs look yummy!

  3. Wow! Those dishes look delicious. What time is dinner tonight?

    Jane - who has only visited the coffee pot in the kitchen this week

  4. Yum!

    Keri made some apple crisp not too long ago. Or was it cobbler? Is there a difference?