Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Talk

I came home Sunday night to no electricity. Well there was one outlet in the house that worked and Russell had the fridge and a light plugged into that. He'd already been trying to fix it for a couple hours but could not figure out what it was. Then he went outside to to the fuse box on the back of the house and he opened that up and found out some of the wires had come loose, so he fixed that and voila! We had electricity again.

I was off work yesterday I really didn't do too much except for cooking, laundry and dishes. Russell did not end up working yesterday either so I rented a couple of movies from Red Box. I rented Australia and Twilight. I'd been wanting to see Australia and it did live up to it's expectations and it was awesome and we both loved it. Twilight was just so-so and it seemed more like a movie for teenagers but that's just my opinion. Maybe I expected more from the movie since I've seen so many people buying the books and now the dvd.

Who wouldn't love a movie with Hugh Jackman?
A picture from Australia

Some of you seem to think that those pictures of the weird painting on the walls that I had on here were this house. Just for the record the colors I have in this house are a lot less dramatic and are sage green, a little darker green and bungalow beige. In the past when I lived in NM we painted the house some unusual colors. My daughter had her room a dark red and black and it was originally decorated in an Asian theme. We had the computer room a navy blue and my son's room was brown with beige trim in a western theme. While those colors can be fun, I have found that I prefer lighter, more earthy tones.

We've had some stormy rainy weather with more tornado warnings. I don't think any tornados were actually sighted this time though. We did get some good size hail last night that was about a half inch but it didn't last long and was mixed in with rain. We sat just inside the back door last night watching the thunderstorm and it was kinda neat to see the lightening lighting up the sky. The storm has moved onto the eastern part of the state now and it's a nice sunny day here.


  1. I think I would prefer watching the thunderstorm over Hugh Jackman any day.

    Odd you should get a loose main electric wire on the fusebox - I can only wince at what might have happened.

  2. Glad the problem with the electric was easily fixable.

    People's preferences change from time to time. So it doesn't surprise me that your colour preferences are different now.

    Glad the one movie lived up to your expectations. Even if the other one didn't.

  3. So Australia wasn't as awful as the critics made it out to be??? I was wanting to see it, but everyone (in the news) made fun of it!

    I for one, knew that the odd color choice just couldn't in your house. Mainly 'cus I read the words you post here, so I knew about the sage green.

    Yes, I am full of myself this evening! Sorry!

  4. I was wondering how Australia was. The story sounds great, and I'll bet the visuals were too.

    Watch out for those tornadoes! I guess ya'll are professional by now...weather radio, plan, safest strongest spot to ride it out etc...