Monday, March 9, 2009

LayOffs & Tomado Warnings

Four guys were laid off at Russell's job today and that's a lot since there are not a lot who even work there to begin with. Luckily he was not one of them. Some of those men were there longer than he was but he's a hard worker and reliable so I'm sure they based their decision on that. He gets a certain number of hours per week that they are paid for even if they don't work those hours. Those hours were cut down awhile back and I'm surprised they have not cut them down again. If he get's his hours cut even more, he will pretty much be working just to pay his child support. It's really a shame that his ex wife won't get the support situation straightened out since she has only had one kid for well over a year and he's still paying for two. Oh well....we will just continue to do the best we can do make it through the next year and then it will be over with. OK I better quit whining now! I'm not too worried about my job since they are still hiring new cashiers at the store I work at and I've been there almost a year now. I don't even know how I do it but it always seems to work out and with my salary I manage to pay the house bills (electric, gas, water) my car insurance, food and stuff we need for the house. And I still have money left over. :)

We had tomado warnings today. Well that's what Russell thought I said when I texted him while he was working. I wrote tornado but the way our phones are when you type a r and an n together they look like an m. So he called me laughing and he even showed another guy the text. I told him I'd collect as many tomatoes as I could and make sauce from them. Then I'll invite you all for spaghetti and meatballs. ;) Despite the warnings the weather here was awesome today. It was 81 degrees, cloudy and windy and I kept the windows open all day and the breeze blowing in felt so good.

We were supposed to get our cable internet today. They ended up putting it off until tomorrow. Finally we will have a faster internet instead of the Sprint card which is slow in this part of the country. Now that the Sprint contract is up we will have faster and cheaper internet. Finally.

I was going to put some pictures on here but I can't find the card that goes in my phone so I can put my phone pics on that and then put it on the flash drive. Maybe I will do it tomorrow if I can find it.

I bought the neatest cookbook....Taste Of Home Simple & Delicious...when I went to Walmart to buy a few things today. There are lots of yummy recipes in there I want to try. I'll take pics of them and put them on here....if I ever find my card!

Well that's all folks.


  1. We always call it a "tomado" watch since that's what the girls thought it was!

    Can't Russell do something on his end to straighten out the child support problem? File in court or something? In this day of serious economic strain, it seems more than unfair that his ex holds all the cards when she's down to one child.

    Looking forward to pictures of yummy food!

  2. The soup was okay, I dont think it was my grannys.

  3. I wish I could make doll clothes. Maybe Justin will buy me a sewing machine. My grandma used to make me the prettiest barbies dresses

  4. LOL @ tomado warnings... Too funny!

    Hope they don't reduce Russels hours any more, and that things don't get tough for you financially while you're waiting for the child support not to be an issue.

  5. They have started laying people off at my husbands job. Just last week they let the branch manager of the branch my husband works at go. He works at an electrical supply company. Things are getting scary out there!

  6. Indigo Incarnates

    We haven't exactly had layoffs in my department, but we've had pay reductions and forced days off without pay. But at least I still have my job!

    It was really windy here today but no funnel clouds, thankfully.

  7. she is an 18 inch doll. Can I print patterns on-line

  8. I hope both the tomadoes and the layoffs avoid both you and Russell!

    Its really bad where I work - the only projects available are ones no one wants to do - so I get stuck with them. Normally there are a couple fun ones to throw in the mix but its just ugh, ugh, ugh, and more ugh lately.

    THat cook book sounds yummy - I can't wait to see your pictures. Hope I don't drool all over your blog!

  9. I didn't do the site to store it was going to take 2 weeks for that so I just paid the 7 dollar shipping. I went this morning to get my sons camera but they didnt have that either so I came back home and oredered it as well. I paid the shipping on that too. Again I was looking at 2 weeks. Im inpatient:) Its the 39.98 dollar sewing machine. I hope it works well enough. I dont need anything fancy yet. What do you think?

  10. It's Friday now and COLD in Edmond. Yesterday it snowed. I am ready for warm weather to get here and STAY here. I think it's going to start warming up some tomorrow, though. Brrr. D

  11. I love the Taste of Home cook books. We get their Healthy Cooking magazine and it has great recipes.

    Glad the weather was nice with no tornadoes.