Friday, March 20, 2009

No Words Necessary


  1. I wish this man could visit my school. I'm sure all the whiners and complainers in my classroom would at least knock it off for a day or two--contrary to what they believe, the world owes them nothing.

  2. Wow, Barbara. Where did you come across this one? Very inspiring and makes me feel ashamed of myself for not "trying" harder.

    I scanned through some of your previous posts and really enjoyed them. The one about the prepared foods is priceless! I've never heard of packaged hard boiled eggs. Too funny.

    And cleaning those mouse turds! I figured that one out some time ago, too.

    Well, cleaning is what I have to do today. Hubby just went back to Florida for a few days so I have to play catch up with the house cleaning. We've been doing some remodeling and it's about to drive me nuts.

    I need to run to Walmart today and pick up some odds and ends. Need a newspaper.

    Have to go back to work as spring break is over. Need to go to work to rest from all the remodeling!

    Hope this finds you well. D

  3. She probably does miss him but not in a way to make her act out. This behavior worsened when I started babysitting her friends