Friday, March 20, 2009

Some Random Pictures

Now that I can easily put pictures on here, I put a few on that were on my camera. Here is some of the lovely painting that a tenant did in one of the apartments we cleaned. Black on the bottom half of the wall, gray on top with a beige color swirl in the middle to divide the two colors. Maybe they got this idea from Trading Spaces. ;)
Here's a closeup of the unique design
The kitchen is nice and bright with dark turquoise on top and black on the bottom and beneath the cabinet. Very Interesting.
Russell and I were fooling around one night and made this pentagram with the idea of calling on the spirits, but I could not take it seriously so nothing really happened. I think it's funny cause he did not want to even have a seance but then he made me this....
Here's Russell working with his router
And checking out his new generator

Yesterday I was off and I really didn't do much of anything but lay around like a couch potato. I did do laundry and dishes but that's it! I was so tired and glad to finally get a day off. Russell was home part of the day and we just hung out being lazy together. It was nice to just be relaxing. I had to work today and then I'm off again tomorrow. I'd much rather have two days off in a row so I can get things done. I got off at 4 pm today and I didn't do anything other than read some blogs and then read from my New Earth Book again. I searched around on for some books I want to buy because it's been ages since I've bought any. I'm still contemplating which ones to buy. Well thank you for reading about my very boring life.


  1. Not so sure I like the painting...but the board that Russell made for you is great. And the lazy days at home with a loved one are the best...I love Amazon and always over buy...but I try to buy used so it is cheaper. Hey, send me an email sometime...I have some books you might like to have that I am interesting in getting rid of...I can send them to you if you like.

  2. There is a TV show called "Design U" you might enjoy... :) I think its one of the ION channels.

  3. You don't have a boring life. If I thought that then I wouldn't keep coming back to read your blog. :)

  4. What were those people thinking when they painted that unit. Crazy

  5. *grin* Yeah, don't care much for the paint-job in that house either!

    That penticle-board that Russell made for you is great! Wish my hubby were as crafty and supportive as your sweety is!

    Have a GREAT day, Barb!

  6. Your life is never boring! Love the colors in your kitchen!