Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Morning

Before I mention anything about the house I want to mention the horrible fires that have been burning in the state of Oklahoma. The very high winds (50-60 mph where I live) have made them spread. They said on the news today that the fire in one of the cities was set by teenagers. Many people have lost their homes...over 200 and the fires were widespread and not just in one certain area. It's really a bad situation. When I was at work yesterday and the day before, the roof was shaking so much that I thought it was thundering out. Now this is at Walmart which I'm sure is built very soundly of concrete so that tells you how bad the winds were. The winds seem to have died down today and I hope it stays that way. This sure is the windiest place that I have ever lived!

We have been moved in here for a couple of days now. There is still the guest room full of boxes to be unpacked and I really don't have anyplace to put all of my kitchen stuff. I may have to put some the stuff that I don't use much in storage. Despite the fact that this is a huge house the kitchen does not have a lot of cabinet space. In the future Russell is going to build a wall unit thing that he wants me to design and it will have glass doors where I can put my china and closed in doors as well. That should be awesome huh? Only 2 pieces of my Blue willow china (two bowls) got broken and that's not bad considering they have been through 2 moves in the past year. I can easily replace them by looking on Ebay.

This house has a weird gas furnace in the floor of the living room. There is no central heat or air and that will be a ways off if we do put it in. Yesterday Russell installed a gas heater on the wall of the living room because they are very efficient and it's what we had in the rental house and it's really easy to use. It will be a great back up if the power goes out in the winter due to an ice storm like it did a couple of years ago when it went out for 2 weeks. That was before we moved here but we heard all about it. Anyhow there is also a gas heater that looks like an old wood stove in the back room with the red carpet. Russell tried it and it does work. We don't know how hot this place is going to get in the summer and for now we will use window air conditioners.
I'm worried about the heating and cooling bills. I can't afford any extremely high bills and had a hard time just paying them this past winter in the rental house.

Today I'm going to get all my books unpacked, put up curtains in our bedroom and hopefully start working on my exercise area. If I don't get it all done I'm not going to worry about because tomorrow is another day. Well I better get back to work. I still have not had time to look at everyone's blogs but I'll do that very soon.


  1. I see with your concerns about the heating and cooling bills, you have entered the world of home ownership.

    I hope your housewarming (as in party) is heartwarming.

  2. That's awful about all those people who have lost their homes. :(

    Good luck with finding places for everything in your new home. And I hope it's not going to end up too expensive heating or cooling the place.

  3. I hope you will enjoy that new house!